16th Police District - Bicycle Incidents

Open Issues: 4 Closed Issues: 3 Acknowledged Issues: 1
Watching issues created after: 2009-12-22

This watch area is set up by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to report traffic accidents or instances of road rage and harassment.

Notified About

  • Spring Garden St Philadelphia, PA - Strawberry Mansion
    The bike lane stripes on Spring Garden St bridge are faded where the bike lane crosses over the 1-76 westbound turn lane for approximately 20-30 feet. This is INCREDIBLY dangerous. I have had four near-accidents with cars at this location, most recently last night. The drivers cannot see the bike lane, which used to be painted bright blue where it crosses into traffic, and is now so faded you can barely see it. They come flying over the bridge and start to veer into the right-hand turn lane, totally unaware that cyclists may be in the lane for 20-30 feet. This should be a high-priority issue in a city with so many new bike commuters.
  • Falls Rd Philadelphia, PA - Wynnefield
    The overgrown weeds have made the roads narrow and unsafe for pedestrians and vehicles. The bike lane resembles a war torn street in Bosnia. The average speed is about 40mph on this road, the vegetation is making it dangerous for all.
  • 880-898 North Wiota Street Philadelphia, PA - Belmont
    There is a abandoned mid to late 1980's Nissan Sentra two door car at 880-898 N. Wiota Street, but the car is behind 4017 Ogden Street 19104. The car is laying on it's side and it looked like that it was in a accident. It's been there for years and years. The city have to removed that old abandoned car and install streetlights on the 800 block of North Wiota Street between Ogden Street and Westminster Avenue. Wiota Street is open at Ogden Street and it's closed with guardrails at Westminster Avenue.
  • Pot Holes Archived
    City Avenue & U.S. 1 Philadelphia, PA 19131, USA - Bala Cynwyd
    There are a lot of really bad, deep nasty pot holes. I'm afraid I'm doing to damage my car by driving on them. You can't avoid them without leaving your lane, which is impossible to do without causing an accident. This is very dangerous and inconsiderate of the city to leave the street like this!!!!!!
  • Belmont & Avenue Of The Republic Philadelphia, PA - Wynnefield

    This must be on some Streets engineer's radar already, but I thought I'd report it formally.

    The sidewalk that runs along Ave of the Republic is literally turning into a creek. About 40 feet of the sidewalk extending East/SE from Belmont Ave are covered in a constant trickle of water, varying from about 10 inches wide to 3 feet wide. The crosswalk on the Northeast corner is becoming impassible due to mud and debris collecting on the intersection. The stream was off and on last summer, but it's been constant since spring this year.

    There has previously been some attempt at remediation, but needless to say further work is necessary.

    This is causing an especially hazardous interaction between cyclists or pedestrians traveling West on Ave of the Republic, and turning North from Ave of the Republic onto Belmont. Since the sidewalk is unusable, the only way around it is to walk out onto Belmont ave, continue about 20 feet, and jump over the ditch back onto the sidewalk. Cars drive at speeds up to 50 MPH along Belmont, and there's no shoulder at this intersection. This is an accident waiting to happen.

  • Entrance To M L King Blvd At Mont Ave - Wynnefield
    FP vehicle manning the closed entrance to ML King Drive. It was idling at 11 when I rode by and when I was coming back at 3 it was STILL idling and I asked the woman if she knew it was illegal to idle and she said she never heard that before and also said that there was something wrong with the vehicle, that if she turned it off it would not turn back on.
    This is outrageous to have a PARK vehicle polluting the PARK for hours!!!!I will be riding by here every weekend and checking to see if this is still happening.
  • Philadelphia PA 19130, USA - Strawberry Mansion
    The entire length of the bridge above the rail road yard is a minefield of car-eating pot holes. Cars are swerving all over the road to avoid them, and someone is sure to have a collision. Many of these holes are bordering the eastbound bike lane, causing drivers to enter that lane and jeopardize cyclists, who are already vulnerable because of the amount of debris in their lane. I have not been able to bike to work in a month because of the weather, and until these pot holes are fixed, I'll need to keep walking three miles twice a day. I'm too afraid to die because of this awful mess.
  • 401-487 N Saunders Ave Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA - Belmont
    There's always a vehicle parked in a "No Parking" spot at the NE corner of Lancaster Ave and Baring Street. This makes turning right onto Baring so difficult and a "blind spot" for those cars making a left onto Baring, almost crashing into bicyclists. Please ticket these cars that park illegally!