Cameron Park

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  • 1533-1553 Hillsborough St Raleigh, NC - Hillsborough
    The recently moved crosswalk directly in front of the Hillsborough Street YMCA is heavily used on a daily basis, especially by families with young children. I have noticed every time I walk there that most drivers fail to stop or even slow down as folks enter the crosswalk. Crossing signs (those large, bright yellows ones) or perhaps a cross/blinking or sop light would help. I am very concerned there will be an accident there, as speeds seem to exceed the posted 35 mph.
  • 1618 Ambleside Raleigh, North Carolina - Hillsborough
    Sounds like a crosswalk out of sync and pinging constantly at Cameron Village.
  • Hillsborough St At Forest Rd Raleigh, NC 27605, USA - Hillsborough
    Preiss has blocked off the alley from Woodburn to Hawthorne and the alley to Benehan St. I called and they said they don't need a permit. Aren't alleys still city streets?
  • 117 W Park Dr Raleigh, NC 27605, USA - Hillsborough
  • Saint Mary'S St & Hillsboroug St Raleigh, North Carolina - Hillsborough
    This afternoon (6/28 at 4:45pm), I wanted off CAT Bus 16 - Bus 1256 (inbound) at the stop on Saint Mary's just before Hillsborough St. I rang the bell and when she stopped I was at the book door, I screamed "Back Door PLEASE!" and she just sat there, so I yelled louder "BACK DOOR PLEASE!" and she just looked up in the mirror and sat there. Other people on the bus were yelling back door and she looked up at me in the mirror again. I finally just walked up to the front with a heavy bag of groceries having to maneuver around a full bus with people having to even stand in the aisle. I told her "Thank you" as I exited. This bus driver has an attitude with people. This is my first time I have experience it, but she has attitude with people often. She heard me, she looked in the mirror. She is often rude to people, more often to latino and white people. I think she needs some diversity and customer training. When you work at the University and are lucky enough to be on a CAT route where going to and from work is not ridiculous, it makes you want to stop riding the bus and start driving again when you have to experience the nasty attitude of someone who obviously hates her job (and in my opinion, white and latino people).
  • 205 Saint Marys Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Hillsborough
    This has been reported so many times before, why is the City of Raleigh not doing something about this? The sharp metal edged grate that has been placed over the giant hole in the sidewalk in Saint Mary's Street is warped and bent and fell in the hole. Someone is going to get seriously hurt or heaven forbid killed here. Please do something!
  • 151 Saint Marys Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Hillsborough
    We are having to use the driver side to enter the vehicle which is not safe. 6 scooters are on the sidewalk blocking the door and they are too heavy for us to move. We are 70 years old. It is not safe.
  • 203 Woodburn Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Hillsborough
    A very tall pine tree is leaning almost over the fence into the power lines at the corner of Benehan and Woodburn. With the approaching storm the tree should at least be topped off before it is uprooted from saturated soil and does serious damage.
  • Sidewalks Archived
    201 Saint Marys Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Hillsborough
    Danger spot for pedestrians: An iron covering has collapsed into the sidewalk on the west side of St. Mary's at the intersection with Jones, leaving a wide, eight-inch-deep hole. Lots of pedestrians and runners use this route--please fix asap. Thanks!
  • Other Archived
    1401 Hillsborough St Raleigh, NC 27605, USA - Hillsborough
    We try and clear this storm drain as much as possible but every time it rains it gets clogged up and flood the whole corner. Seems like there could be a better design here.
  • 1303 Hillsborough St Raleigh, NC - Hillsborough
    The vacant Jackpot bar and the attached house that is caving in is an eyesore, a blight, and dangerous. Squatters hang out and drink. It is going to lead to crime.
  • 139-199 Saint Marys Street Raleigh, NC - Hillsborough
    This stop is also supposed to be flute 16 isn't it? It shows on the site for a 16 stop but it is not indicated on the sign.