West Corona Little league

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Little League Fields
Please watch for vandals and theives and predators and drug dealers

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  • S Etiwanda Ave And Marlay Ave Fontana, CA - Ontario
    Very large pothole and poor street condition next to the tracks on this intersection.
  • 924 E Holt Ave Pomona, CA - Pomona
    Prostitution on this part of Pomona is getting out of hand. I see hookers on a daily basis getting picked up even while kids coming back from school are walking around the area waiting for a bus.
  • S Etiwanda Ave Ontario, CA - Ontario
    There are alot of tractor trailers that turn left onto Marlay. The light changes so quickly, that usually only one big rig makes the left turn before the light turns red. The trucks are so slow due to the lumpy road conditions on the turn. Please lengthen the timing on this intersection. To overcome this I have seen people make a right turn on Marlay, do a U turn, then drive through on Marlay/Etiwanda intersection to get a green light. Should you have any questions 951-749-3834. I work at the UPS Facility at 13050 Marlay avenue.
  • 300-362 N Smith Ave Corona, CA - Corona

    Baseball fields keep being victims of vandelism, copper wriing thefts, snack bar and storage bin break ins, car break ins, etc

    Fields are too dark at night, need some kind of regular lighting to protect the fields so that the kids dont suffer and keep having to cancel their games.

    Protect and Serve our Youth Sports Programs!!!

  • W Rincon St Corona 92880, United States - Corona
    WE NEED ENFORCEMENT! There are literally homeless moving in with shopping carts and hauling their items with their bikes! FIRE HAZARD! Get these people out of here! They have already caused a fire they are endangering our homes!!!!!!!
  • 1164 Serene Drive Corona, CA 92880, USA - Corona
    This yard sale is obviously beyond a family selling their excess stuff. We need to police what is going on in our residential areas.
  • 544-560 S Main St Corona, CA 92882, USA - Corona
    Homeless encampment
  • Fires already Archived
    West Rincon Street Corona, California - Corona

    The homeless problem is growing in leaps and bounds every day. The area just north and west of Corona Airport on Rincon is being over run with homeless and the garbage they bring with them.

    This area has all been designated a nature preserve so how in the hell is it being allowed to be trashed by these homeless?!?

    By the way...they set it on fire already yesterday.

  • 907-1009 E 6th St Corona, CA 92879, USA - Corona
    Tables are filthy. Someone was just bleeding all over one. We tried to clean but there is no water source. Please power wash all these tables. Thank you
  • Promenade Park 615 Richey St, Corona, CA 92879, USA - Corona
    Increasing homeless living in the park.
    Please do something right away so Corona isn't the next Santa Ana Civic Center and Riverbed situation.
  • 325 South Main Street Corona, CA - Corona
    See picture. Light pole was knocked down a few weeks ago. Will it be replaced or will it look like this permanently?
  • W Rincon St Corona 92880, United States - Corona
    Homeless Village Revealed