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  • 10209 Ne 29th Place Bellevue, Washington - North Bellevue
    The road into Spring Hills Park (our access) is deteriorating badly. Many potholes and broken pavement.
  • 4117 124th Ave Se Bellevue, WA 98006 - Factoria
    Going south on 124th, sign indicates to turn left to reach 405 instead of straight and right, resulting in an unnecessary trip through Factoria and onto I-90 for anyone that doesn't know better.
  • Killarney Park Bellevue, WA - Meydenbauer
    # 134692 was never resolved. Kids there smoking dope right now on 12/19 1539, the park their cars behind the park on 102nd PL SE
  • 2801-2871 Richards Road Bellevue, Washington - Woodbridge

    If someone (Driver 1) is coming from SE 28th PL to take a left onto Richard's Road during evening rush hour, the traffic often lets the person out (because the traffic is so slow). But often, other traffic (Driver 2) is using the center lane as a left-turn filter lane to take a left way down at SE 30th St (2 blocks further south). That use of the center lane is difficult to anticipate by Driver 1.
    Living in Sequoia Grove apartments means that about once a week I come close to an accident right there.

    Here is a suggested change (attached).
    1. Make a raised island north of the intersection to stop southbound drivers from using center lane as left filter.

    The only downside is, the property on the east of the image would no longer be able to turn into their south entrance coming from the north. But they have many alternatives, so I don't think that would be a problem

  • 904 167th Avenue Northeast Bellevue, WA 98008, USA - Crossroads
    The amount of diaries left unswept after the weekly seeping is unacceptable. It carelessly done on both side of the street especially by the mailbox.
  • 153-199 140th Avenue Southeast Bellevue, WA 98007, USA - Wilburton
    Tags on bus stop
  • Vandalism Archived
    10240 Se 21st St Bellevue, WA - Meydenbauer
    Kinds moved picnic table into the trees up the hill from the parking lot. Wrote threatening message on table
  • 2499 151st Place Southeast Bellevue, Washington - Robinswood
    The large flat rock on the east side of the pond has been tagged. Is this the venue to report it?
  • 16339–16499 Northup Way Bellevue 98008, United States - Crossroads
  • 14776 Se 16th St Bellevue, WA - Lake Hills
    If you are driving East on SE 16th, wishing to turn left onto 148th Ave SE, the lights do not pick up the fact that your car is there.
    Usually, those magnetic sensors (usually circular) under the road sense that your car has arrived, in order to turn the perpendicular street's lights red, and a few moments later, your light goes green and you can turn.
    Not so at this intersection.
    I've sat ther for 5 minutes before taking a free right (instead of my desired left onto 148th to head north) and taken another route to get where I was going.
  • 4015 147th Ave Se Bellevue, WA - Eastgate
    The street light on the corner of 147th Ave SE and SE 41st St is out. It's a very dark corner and can be hazardous to have no light in this area. We were just annexed earlier this year so this light may not be on your "radar" yet. Your prompt attention will be appreciated.
  • Washington 520 Redmond, Washington - Bridle Trails
    There is a large pot hole on the west bound on ramp close to the HOV lane merge. I hit today and it blew out one of my tires, this is very dangerous and could cause an accident. I would be more dangerous for a motorcyclist.