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  • 15563 U St Nw Washington, DC 20009 - Adams Morgan
    Pedestrians crossing U Street along as they walk along Florida (to the east) are faced with an incredibly dangerous crossing. Even with a walk sign cars zoom over the crosswalk as they turn right off of 18t street on to U street eastbound.
  • Florida At 18th Street NW, Washington, DC - Adams Morgan
    Too short traffic light (10 seconds) when trying to cross 18th Street from Florida, heading East. The light stops eastbound traffic to allow for westbound traffic to have a green arrow to turn left onto 18th, but the too short light causes lengthy back-up on a major road.
  • 1678-1680 Kalorama Rd Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - Adams Morgan
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  • Calvert St. And Cliffbourne St. Washington, dc - Adams Morgan
    There is a crosswalk here (no stop sign) but rarely do cars ever stop for pedestrians at this dangerous and highly used intersection. Even city buses blow by pedestrians waiting to cross and even sit straddling the cross walk waiting for the light to change. The visibility pulling out from Cliffbourne street is terrible. A 3-way stop sign would make this intersection a lot safer.
  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    1782-1798 U St Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - Dupont Circle
    Sidewalk at 1758 U St NW has large hole. I just saw a man in a wheelchair say he couldn't pass and his only option was to proceed in the street. I've seen people trip at night because of the hole.
  • Other Archived
    2412 17th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20009, USA - Adams Morgan
    The driver came from behind three cars at the red light at Euclid & 15th streets NW to drive straight through the very red light and nearly hit 2 cars and a bicycle then intentionally stopped at the green light at 16th & Euclid just to be mean after he saw me take a picture of his car. This person is an extremely reckless driver and needs to be removed from the road.
  • Connecticut Ave. And Wyoming Washington D.C., DC - Adams Morgan
    There is a clearly marked sign here saying "vehicles must yield to pedestrians in crosswalk." I consistently run across this street and am forced to wait for a minute or more for speeding cars who give no hint of slowing down, even if they see me about ti enter the intersection. Those times when I do take the slightest bit of initiative and attempt to enter the intersection I am continuously honked at. Please make some effort to enforce the sign at this intersection because drivers in this city have zero respect for pedestrians.
  • 1700 Euclid St Nw Washington, DC - Adams Morgan
    I live in Adams Morgan and I love it but what I don't love is the parking. I barely drive my car but when I do, depending on the time and day of the week I am frustrated by the parking situation. I have a joke that is actually sad. I have a curfew on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, must be home by 8pm if I'm driving. Why? Because there is no parking available. The signs say zone 1 parking but others can park up to 2 hrs most of the day until late evening. But then I walk over to Columbia Heights and they have signs on one side of the street that only allow those with zone 1 parking permits to park there at all times. This is what's needed in Adams Morgan. I don't understand why this hasn't been implemented. Also, if you are wondering why I don't just pay for a monthly parking space, well first off there aren't any available to pay for and if there were it would cost around $200/month which is nuts.
    I would like to see an only zone 1 parking at all times in adams morgan. I pay my taxes and parking permit so why do I have to go through this. Most the time I end up parking illegally which results in me having a $30 ticket in my own neighborhood.
  • 16th Street Nw Washington D.C., DC - Meridian Hill
    Content blocked by rejections
  • 2611 Adams Mill Road Northwest Washington, DC 20010, USA - Adams Morgan
  • 2605 Adams Mill Rd Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - Adams Morgan
    Existing 'Stop Here on Red' sign on inbound Adams Mill Rd is posted past the stop line and pointing the wrong way (at the sidewalk). Request to move sign to the left of traffic and ahead of the stop line.
  • 2401-2425 19th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20009, USA - Adams Morgan