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  • 94th Street Sw Albuquerque, New Mexico - Westgate Hts
    Large weeds on both sides of the street on 94th Street SW between Eucariz and Central. Kids cannot be seen behind some of these large weeds.
  • 449-499 94th Street Southwest Albuquerque, New Mexico - Westgate Hts
    I am so upset with this City and this sorry excuse of a program; on 94th St Sw between sunset gardens and Eucariz Ave Sw there are weeds, trash, wild bushes and evasive trees growing in the gravel between the sidewalk and the roadway. These plants are so large that they block the sidewalk forcing people wanting to use the sidewalk, to walk in the street. If I was wheel chair bound and needed to use the sidewalk I wouldn't be able to...and just fyi I would sue the city for ignoring such an dangerous issue and for it not being resolved. I myself have reported this issue before and have been following numerous other complaints on the same issue in the same area for several months. I REPEAT We can not use the sidewalks in this area. I am so upset that I am thinking of pulling the freaking things myself and flinging them in the street. Than maybe the city will be forced to remove them. Do something about this or I will go to the news media outlets!
  • 10323 Andalusian Ave Sw Albuquerque, New Mexico - Route 66 West
    This is the FIFTH time I've reported this property and it is probably one of the worst eyesores in the entire neighborhood. The weeds are half as tall as the house and cover almost the entire property.
  • 8301 Sapphire Street Southwest Albuquerque, NM 87121, USA - Westgate Vecinos
    The side walk to Mary ann bin for elementary school is full of the poky weeds and it's a problem for us patents walking out kids to school ! Also the rain left lots of trash by the drainage on the street this is on sapphire and Corriz!
  • 10212 Connemara Ave Sw Albuquerque, New Mexico - Route 66 West
    No change since the last time I reported this property for weeds, so I'm creating a new complaint. I was going to reopen the old one as you suggested, but you archived it. I will continue to reopen this every four days until this problem is solved.
  • 11001 Lipizzan Ave Sw Albuquerque, New Mexico - Route 66 West
    Third time reporting property. You can't even use the sidewalk in front of this property any more. It is completely overrun with weeds. This entire street is horrible, but this is probably the worst of them.
  • Treasurestone Albuquerque, New Mexico - Westgate Hts
    Weeds along (94th behind Treasure stone. Some residents cut them, most don't..tried entering Eucariz, all around Helen Cordero School but your map was wrong. Poor kids have to walk in weeds, stickers. I'm sure city has seen it. Too lazy to do their job.
  • 10400 Connemara Ave Sw Albuquerque, New Mexico - Route 66 West
    Yard FILLED with weeds.
  • Other Archived
    1271 Amole Vista Sw Albuquerque, New Mexico - Westgate Vecinos
    bush covering the sidewalk and weeds in the yard
  • 449-499 94th Street Southwest Albuquerque, NM 87121, USA - Westgate Hts
    Over grown weeds on Eucariz between 98th street and 86th street.
  • 946-998 102nd St Sw Albuquerque, NM, 87121, USA - Route 66 West
    ABQ Parks Dept has abandoned Sunrise Terrace Park. Trash has accumulated, grass has not been mowed, and weeds all over the property going up to about 30 inches (vs 4" limit!). Someone should be fired for this visual and health hazard!
  • Weeds Archived
    8900 Alexis Ave Sw Albuquerque, NM - Westgate Vecinos
    Weeds well over 4" on Camino San Martin SW side of property!