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  • 7400 18th St Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Harbor Isle Homeowners Association
    I live at 7400 18th Street NE in Harbor Isle. The lake is being treated by the city for algae. However, i section is not and as of Sunday we have a major algae breakout. The smell is very strong
  • 1755 72nd Ave Ne St Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Harbor Isle Homeowners Association

    Today on 06/05/2022, this photo (1 of 3) was taken from the Harbor Isle Lake shoreline in the Southeast Lobe. Due to the single photo limitation of SeeClickFix, multiple unresolved Issues were OPENED and created for several lobes of Harbor Isle Lake that were documented as having a visible BGA bloom problem during the time period between 6:30 AM to 12:30 PM on this date.

    The photo shows a rather large surface bloom that has built up along shore with another type of blue green algae (BGA is another name for cyanobacteria) that differs in texture and color appearance from the confirmed toxic Microcystis Aeruginosa that has been dominant in the lake for the last 3 years and still toxic for all 6 monthly water samples taken by the DEP over the last 7 months. This bloom appears to be similar to the Aphanizomenon species, or a type with small filament strands that form into a gel-like mat. Aphanizomenon can create Cylindrospermopsin toxin. Important Note: This toxin was already detected in the Harbor Isle Lake in February 2020 by the Florida DEP.

    Regardless of the specific species present, the continued blooms within the lake are indicative of the large quantities of nutrients still available. The City of St Petersburg, through Mr. Claude Tankersley and his departments, with Director level subordinates: Mr. Prayman - Engineering and Ms. Rawleigh - Stormwater, has not made any logical and cost effective attempts to further reduce lake nutrients with known suggested mitigation strategies. These have been previously described and ignored by the City Staff and its contractors, who have failed to control the BGA blooms within Harbor Isle Lake:

    1) Mechanically harvesting and/or herbicide spraying to remove all cattails from Harbor Isle Lake - to significantly reduce detritus creation, trapping and harboring BGA and to eliminate the second largest contributor of both Phosphorus and Nitrogen nutrients from the decaying cattail plant matter.

    2) Addition of (another 7-14) bottom micro bubble diffuser heads to increase aeration capacity and speed nutrient conversion.

    3) Addition of beneficial bacteria treatments to speed up the conversion of the nutrients in the sediment that are now known to be the single largest contributor to the Harbor Isle Lake’s problems.

    For over an entire year, no aeration system modifications or improved treatments have been considered or attempted by the City or its prior contractor Solitude Lake Management. The current contractor Cardno (since March 23) has no contract goals or obligations to focus on these relatively inexpensive and readily available matters either.

    Mr. Gintas Zavadzkas - Lake Manager (“Mr. Lakes” was hired early Dec 2021), who was assigned to be the main information contact person for this project is no longer working for the City. The City has given no mailed updates to residents for more than 1.5 years and the last update of any kind from the City was posted on the Harbor Isle Homeowners Association website (updated silently without any E-mail or any other means of notification to either members or non-member residents) 4 months ago on February 9, 2022. Ms. Kelly Thomas has been the Project Manager and responsible and accountable for keeping residents informed, but has never answered a single E-mail question regarding this toxic problem for the entire time that she has been a City employee and transitioned to this project from Mr. Carlos Frey in March 2021.

    The following SeeClickFix Issue ID and link list (below) were from earlier Harbor Isle Lake posts that have been CLOSED by unidentified City personal without any explanation, rationale and without rectifying the harmful health issues to Harbor Isle residents and visitors:

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    • 02/13/2020 - 7421370 - stormwater-issue
    • 02/14/2020 - 7424015 - air-quality
    • 02/19/2020 - 7442722 - environmental-issue
    • 09/04/2020 - 8530782 - toxic-bacteria-in-lake-again-and-smells-horrid
    • 09/19/2020 - 8616405 - toxic-green-harbor-isle-lake-action-requests
    • 11/22/2020 - 8954408 - blue-green-algae-in-lake
    • 01/05/2021 - 9148604 - toxic-blue-green-algae-in-lake-continues
    • 01/21/2021 - 9232320 - toxic-blue-green-algae-ignored-suggested-control-methods
    • 08/20/2021 - 10813449 - stormwater-issue
    • 12/26/2021 - 11659994 - still-toxic-blue-green-algae-in-harbor-isle-lake

    • 01/28/2022 – 11800218 - Toxic Blue-Green Algae Continues; City Ignores Suggestions to Control Problem for 3+ Years ▶ Archived

    CLOSED on 04/21/2022 The SPTO Call Center has received an update that this issue has been addressed by the corresponding crew.
    Contractor handles request.
    Please feel free to submit future requests to us via SeeClickFix or by contacting the SPTO Call Center at 727-893-7421.

  • 7200 16th Ct Ne St Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Harbor Isle Homeowners Association

    This is a photo of the Harbor Isle Lake (entrance lobe) shoreline, near a public sidewalk, that has a significant visible blue-green algae or BGA (cyanobacteria) bloom spread over more than 100 feet of shoreline and 10 to 20 feet offshore. It’s bright green in color with medium to heavy streaking.

    The last known toxin samples for Harbor Isle Lake were collected in June and July 2023 and indicated a significant rise in Microcystin levels from prior months. Yet the City’s contract with Stantec for water sampling expired without any notification to the residents/public of the discontinued lake water monitoring and testing by either Mr. Michael Perry – Lake Manager or Mr. Roger Johnson – Project Manager (both subordinates in Mr. Claude Tankersley - Public Works Administrator Departments).

    What are the present toxin levels in Harbor Isle Lake offshore and along the shoreline in the scum areas (like the photo illustrates)?

    Past shoreline BGA scum areas were tested by the DEP and had measured Microcystin values exceeding 500 ppb – extremely high toxin values.

    Mr. Michael Perry – Lake Manager has ignored and refused to answer questions regarding why toxin and water quality testing by the City has ceased. Mr. Michael Perry has not publically made available his 2 prior Harbor Isle Lake Update letters and has delayed and not produced his 2 other scheduled (but now months late) Harbor Isle Lake Update letters for residents with his Harbor Isle Lake Remediation Project plans, analysis and summary information.

    Mr. Roger Johnson – Project Manager has ignored and refused to inform the residents/public regarding the City selected and only viable solution to be an estimated $15 million dollar dredging project - to remove the 575,000 cubic yards of nutrient filled sediment placed in Harbor Isle Lake by the City and USACE more than 20 years ago during their Harbor Isle Lake Fill Project.

    Ms. Julie Vogel – (a new Direct Subordinate of Mr. Johnson) has been introduced by Mr. Michael Perry as a person knowledgeable about the Harbor Isle Lake’s water quality issues, yet she has not responded to what her role or responsibilities on the Harbor Isle Lake Remediation project are.

    Please, test Harbor Isle Lake (City managed retention pond) water and these shoreline BGA scums immediately for toxin levels to ensure the safety and cognizance of all Harbor Isle residents and visitors still being exposed to this toxic BGA for more than five years.

  • Other Archived
    1325 74th Circle Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida - Harbor Isle Homeowners Association
    For the water department or the streets department. There is a wet spot in the road in front of this house (just to the left of the driveway as you face the house). It has been there for two weeks no matter the time of day or the weather. It has been observed carefully and is not due to sprinklers. There is concern that there is a water main break under the road. Thanks for help.
  • 16th St Ne & 72nd Ave Ne St Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Harbor Isle Homeowners Association

    Reporting blue-green algae bloom at entrance today, larger amounts. Also it is stuck in cattails... which City has not removed. What are we doing, folks, just our best job at maintaining a toxic swamp now?

    The answer, Mayor's Action Center, that you keep referring back to from February 2020, "Update from Public Works: the city is aware of the reported issue and will continue working with all involved parties to help achieve a resolution to this issue."

    This is not acceptable, Ask Public Works for a statement answering why hasn't the City done any of the following still, after another year of this...

    1.) Adding beneficial bacteria as a treatment to the micro-bubble aeration to aid in the micro-bubble system's effectiveness.

    2.) Adjusting and improving the efficiency of the micro-bubble aeration system installed in June 2020 -- by means of analyzing nutrient run-off input loading, sediment leeching, BGA build-up locations, lake morphology, and other factors alongside info previously mentioned/ emailed to City personnel.

    3.) Keeping the properly designed micro-bubble aeration system as a permanent running solution to mitigate future lake events and to keep the lake healthier. Just as nearby Renaissance Neighborhood has had since 2016, which the City approved/helped fund.

    4.) Removing the conflicting, higher cost, and unproven nano-bubble system and replacing it with more micro-bubble diffusor heads, if needed.

    5.) Investigating / testing the lake's sediment & fill material for nutrient loading and leaching into the water body.

    6.) Dredging the lake's sediment & fill material, if a properly designed micro-bubble aeration system is still not at its most effective due to possible extreme sediment leaching from the City approved fill project in 2001.

    7.) Clearing out invasive cattails to improve lake access, reduce nutrient load, and to reduce the likelihood of toxic blue-green algae being trapped and its toxic dust residue from becoming airborne -- especially at the city's easement and access points, like at the public neighborhood entrance.

    8.) In addition to the U.S. mailed letters, a creation of public web-page that allows City statements, data, and any other pertinent information to be posted about Harbor Isle Lake and its situational analysis. So, any interested party can better understand what has been going on or what is being planned.

    .... Or are we going to continue to ignore these workable options and what multiple citizens have requested?

    harbor isle lake journal website from neighbors has more info on this issue than anything the city has ever provided:

  • 1717 73rd Cir Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Harbor Isle Homeowners Association
    Our cul de sac is totally flooded! We cannot get out of our driveways! Drain is blocked and needs to be cleaned out immediately!!!
  • 1740 73rd Cir Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Harbor Isle Homeowners Association
    Our cul du sac is completely flooded again. A team came out yesterday and opened up the drain, but apparently didn't fix the source of the problem. We need them to come back out today.
  • 1785 72nd Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Harbor Isle Homeowners Association
    The cattails, reeds and other overgrowth need attention in the City lake behind our house.
  • 7200 15th Ct Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida, 33702 - Harbor Isle Homeowners Association
    This house has waist high grass and is not maintained at all. There is a house full of people there. There is even a Maserati in the driveway, yet they have not maintained their yard at all.
  • 7400 18th St Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Harbor Isle Homeowners Association
    Elevated sidewalk, two areas in front of my house both sides of the driveway. People are tripping as they walk.
  • 1864 72nd Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Harbor Isle Homeowners Association
    City water lines leaking on our property adjacent to a large oak tree causing sitting water. Crew came over a week ago to confirm the issue and dug up tree roots creating a large hole. The hole is still leaking water and getting larger. The tree close to the street may now also be unstable. Lastly, internet cables were cut leaving us without service. We have called and left several voicemail messages to find out how and when this issue will be resolved. The next storm could have a major impact on tree stability and further flooding of our front yard!
  • 7230 14th Court Ne. St Pete 33702 - Harbor Isle Homeowners Association
    Overgrown plants. The home owner has been approached by HOA but they think they are in compliance. Please advise.