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  • City Hall - Capitol District

    SeeClickFix requests being closed before actually being fixed results in duplicate requests as CSR's. I can't even imagine what a nightmare this is on the back end for DPU etc.

    Please acknowledge requests, and only close them once the issue is confirmed fixed. This system can work better for everyone!

    Thanks for your hard work.

  • Alley Between Belmont/Sheppard And Ellwood/Floyd Richmond, Virginia - Capitol District
    Many of the garbage cans in the alley are missing lids. They've filled with water and you can see the Mosquitos breeding. Can we get some lids? Or new cans? Thanks!
  • Dock Street Beneath Intermediate Terminal Richmond, VA - Capitol District
    This is sad...person's gotta have a place to live. On the other hand, if I were visiting Richmond to ride the Cap to Cap Bike Trail and saw this, I think that would leave a pretty strong impression about the city. Not a good one.
  • Alley Between Grace And Broad 2800 Block Richmond, Virginia - Capitol District
    Ongoing problem contributing to deteriorating neighborhood
  • Alley 2800 Block Broad/Grace Richmond, Virginia - Capitol District
    These tires appeared in the alley between 8am and 3pm on Thursday 22 sept.
  • City Hall Richmond, Virginia - Capitol District

    When citizens post in comments field on issues on SeeClickFix, "City of Richmond (verified official)" is reposting these comments with a note that includes the citizen's *private* email address.

    Most recent example (I removed the private info):

    City of Richmond (Verified Official)
    By, Citizen: 01/12/2017 16:40:17 PM
    This issue was reported a good while ago, and there have been reports of car damage from these potholes.

  • Private Alley On Morris St. Between Floyd Richmond , VA - Capitol District
    Large amount of furniture, trash, and even food waste illegally dumped in a private alley on Morris St. between Grove Ave. and Floyd. Alley and sidewalk are completely blocked and Super trash cans/Super Recycle cans cannot be moved to curb for garbage pick up.
  • Richmond Hostel - Capitol District
    For the safety of international travelers this area could really use some increased lighting, especially near the alley.
  • Smells! Archived
    Ally: Sheppard And Bemont And Ellwood And Floyd Richmond, Virginia - Capitol District
    Disgusting rotting furniture. Making the entire block stink.
  • 900 E Broad St Richmpnd, VA - Capitol District
    All lights are out on the north side of E Broad St, in both the 900 and 1000 blocks.
  • SMELLS Archived
    Ally Between Shepard And Belmont And Floyd And Ellwood Richmond, Virginia - Capitol District
    Garbage can was burned and is now festering. Furniture everywhere. SMELLS disgusting.
  • Other Archived
    15th And Franklin Richmond, Virginia - Capitol District
    Crosswalk at 15th and Franklin and 14th and Franklin have worn away and need repainting, state workers using the 14th and Main parking deck has asked for the crosswalks to be more prominent