Alderman Joe Moore

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  • Touhy And Sheridan Rd. Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 49
    An officer with an ATV/4-Wheeler and a chip on his shoulder is in this area most nights. His beat is up and down Sheridan but this is the intersection where he pulled me over. He had pulled someone I know over the day before and it was also on Sheridan. The reason he gave me was that I was riding my bike 'like I stole it.' He also told me that my light was not bright enough. He didn't seem to care that I HAD a light and a helmet and he proceeded to make me lock up my bike and walk home!! To add insult to injury he followed me to make sure that I didn't go back to my bike. He also felt the need to yell at me no matter how polite I tried to be. I also seemed to know the laws better than him, which is why I walked away with a ticket but also probably why he felt the need to make me walk. I included a picture of the vehicle I'm talking about, to avoid any confusion.
  • Nazi Symbol Archived
    1530 W Fargo Ave Chicago, IL 60626, USA - Chicago Ward 49
    Hate Symbol sprayed into westside of tree.
  • Howard And Greenview Chicago, IL 60626, USA - Chicago Ward 49
    The sewer grate on the south side of Rogers east of the intersection of Howard, Rogers and Greenview has completely fallen below street level. There was a marker for a while, but it is missing. Pedestrians could accidentally step into the grate when stepping off of the sidewalk.
  • 7478 N Rogers Ave Chicago, IL 60626, USA - Chicago Ward 49

    Peoples gas came threw and tore up the road and remove the cross walk lines and removed the sign.

    How do we get it back up to protect the kids?

  • 1046 W North Shore Ave Chicago, IL 60626, USA - Chicago Ward 49
    I think you should build a new segment of the Lakefront Path from Albion to Pratt to connect from Loyola to the existing paths in Loyola Park.
  • 1569-1599 W Birchwood Ave Chicago, IL 60626, USA - Chicago Ward 49
    Pothole or Sinkhole at corner of birch wood and Ashland. 10 inches deep next to manhole cover.
  • 1143 W Pratt Blvd Chicago, IL 60626, USA - Chicago Ward 49
    This is in the north-south alley between Pratt and Columbia, immediately adjacent to 1143 Pratt. I've reported this to the city and the alderman multiple times; it's been out for a few months. Unsafe!
  • 6972 N. Sheridan Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 49
    Again, there are pieces of furniture littering the alley behind 6972 N. Sheridan Road. This is an ongoing issue. The dumpsters are constantly overflowing and there are rats everywhere. In addition, the building is infested with bedbugs and the building residents throw out furniture every week. This building needs to be inspected and taken care of.
  • 6822n Lakewood Ave Chicago 60626 United States - Chicago Ward 49
  • 6704 N Hermitage Ave Chicago, IL 60626, USA - Chicago Ward 49
  • 1328 W Farwell Ave Chicago IL 60626, United States - Chicago Ward 49
    Sewer is above the concrete Water can't drain down
  • 7032 N Wolcott Ave Chicago, IL 60626, USA - Chicago Ward 49
    abandoned vehicle, tags expired 5.20 city sticker expired 11.19