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  • 1803 Twining Road Willow Grove, Pennsylvania - Abington Townhip

    The residents of Willow Manor have noticed an increase in cut through traffic as holiday traffic increases on Rt 63, especially during the am & pm rush hours. This is especially concerning with an elementary school in the neighborhood. Would it be possible to have the UPD look into this. Thank you.

    Paul Nicotera

  • Dale Rd Willow Grove, PA, 19090, USA - Abington Townhip
    Hi. Someone is going to get badly hurt at the intersection of Dale and Patricia Avenue in Willow Grove, Pa!!! I watched two cars almost nail each other this morning. Every morning when I go out to walk my dog I hear horns beeping and people screaming at each other! No one stops at the stop sign and uses our neighborhood as a cut through to Twining road ! I know police have been out before but a strong police presence has to be established again! Thank you .
  • 1803 Twining Rd Upper Dublin, Pennsylvania 19090 - Abington Townhip

    Missing 25 mph sign. Has been missing since around the
    time frame March to May of 2017. This sign disappeared
    around the time another 25 mph sign appeared closer to
    Welsh Rd. A possible reason for moving it could have been
    that there is another sign still in place just south of Dale
    Rd (in the same direction, toward welsh Rd).

    If two signs were viewed as overkill, In my opinion it would
    have been better to move the 25 mph sign south of Dale Rd
    to the new location.

    A 25 mph sign just north of Dale Rd while still reinforcing
    the speed limit for motorists going northbound from south
    of Dale Rd, also establishes 25 mph as the speed limit
    for motorists who cut thru Willow Manor to Twining Rd.

    Moving of the 25 mph sign around 1803 Twining Rd is just
    speculation on my part, since I always thought it was rather
    redundant. Either way, If possible I would like the 25 mph
    sign replaced.

  • Ordnance 1081 Archived
    Ayr Lane Dresher, Pennsylvania - Abington Townhip
    Leaves in street
  • 1400 Twining Rd Dresher 19025, United States - Abington Townhip
    Requesting additional speed enforcement (or speed cushions!) on Twining near Ayr Lane. I’m nearly rear ended turning right from Twining to Ayr almost every day. Speed limit is 25 but vehicles often move closer to 40 mph.
  • Other Archived
    1674-1702 Twining Road Willow Grove, Pennsylvania - Abington Townhip
    While observing the 25 MPH speed limit on Twinning, I was tailgated by a 2012 Cadillac SRX, License Plate JRT1790. The driver was very aggressive and was blowing the horn on his vehicle. This area is often full of aggressive drivers. Someone is going to be hurt.
  • 1703 Alba Rd Willow Grove, PA, 19090, USA - Abington Townhip
    I would like to look into the truck exclusion 255-40 for the Comcast Xfinity truck that parks out on Elliott Ave between Alba and North Hills Ave. The neighbors are getting tired of the parking and the lights and safety checks performed on the truck after each days shift when it is parked for the evening. Thanks in advance.
  • 1607 Jill Rd Willow Grove 19090, United States - Abington Townhip
    I think that the UD police should check speeding school buses in Willow Manor. Today at 3:52 PM, bus sped down Jill Rd towards Maple Ave. If driver had to stop for a pedestrian or child on bike, driver never could have stopped in time! I could not read the bus number due to how fast they were driving! This has been occurring fairly frequently with same bus.
  • 1803 Twining Road Upper Dublin, Pennsylvania 19090 - Abington Townhip

    The 25 mph sign shown in the attached picture has been
    missing for several months. The sign may have been knocked
    down by a motorist. It also may have been moved, since at
    about the same time another 25 mph sign appeared around
    the bend in the northbound direction closer to Welsh Rd.

    If the sign was moved, it may be because it was viewed as
    overkill since there was, and still is another 25 mph sign
    just south of Dale Rd on TwiningRd.

    If this is the reason; the sign near 1803 Twining is the one that
    should have stayed, in my opinion. That sign while still reinforcing for motorists driving northbound on Twining Road,
    also establishes 25 mph as the speed limit for motorists that
    cut thru Willow Manor on to Twining Rd.

    If possible, for whatever reason the 25 mph just north of
    Dale Rd on Twining Rd is missing, I feel that it is needed
    and should be replaced.

  • 3281 Susquehanna Road Dresher, Pennsylvania - Abington Townhip
    The lights at the corner of Twining and Susquehanna need to be re-evaluated for 1. Left-turn only signals and 2. the corresponding lanes, going both ways. Every morning, I make a left from Twining onto Susquehanna heading towards Fort Washington and cars are constantly going from the Left Turn-Straight Lane into the right turn only lane, and then speeding through the intersection. If you are making a left, you are blind to car coming up the hill southbound on Twining. Please evaluate switching the lights to include left turn only and for the lanes to be switched to include left-turn only lanes. Thank you.
  • 3109 Alpin Dr Dresher, PA 19025, USA - Abington Townhip
    This fence is in disrepair, is an eyesore, is liable to damage my fence, and is safety hazard.
  • 1513 Jill Rd Willow Grove, PA, 19090, USA - Abington Townhip
    Reported this back in February, logs are still there. Can you please do something about this? Possible Murder Hornets coming out of the logs.