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  • Edmonson Avenue Catonsville, MD 21228, USA - Catonsville
    Edmonson Avenue is a very wide road capable of handling two lanes of car/bus traffic, two lanes of parked cars, and bike lanes. However, there are no bike lanes. I'd like the county to move the parked cars inward from the curb to allow bicycle lanes to be painted between the curb and the row of parked cars. This will protect cyclists from traffic, and from being "doored" by a parked car driver side door opening into the bike lane. This model has been used with great success on 8th and 9th Avenues in Manhattan. At a bare minimum, bike lanes need to be painted so that motorists will pay closer attention to where cyclists are intended to ride.
  • 8000 Frederick Rd Ellicott City, MD 21043, USA - Catonsville
    This need to be removed so the river can flow freely. Most trees are to big to be removed by volunteers. Photos attached. Please do before hurricane season to prevent flooding at the lower end of Historic Ellicott City and lower Baltimore County.
  • 8000 Main St Ellicott City 21043, United States - Catonsville
    Parking lot B was completely in the dark last night. Not one street light was working in the parking area.
  • 236 Glenmore Avenue Catonsville, Md. 21228 - Catonsville
    Right in front of 236 Glenmore Avenue the road is sinking. Also on the corner there of Glenmore and Midvale the street sign is falling over.
  • 8034 Frederick Road Ellicott City, Maryland - Catonsville
    Pedestrian use of bridge going over Patapsco River from Baltimore to Main Street is icy and hampers foot traffic, Caller wants to know if and who clears pedestrian parts of bridge. Many customers to Main Street business use footbridge.
  • 8000 Main St Ellicott City MD 21043, United States - Catonsville
    Post for the old parking metershas bent over and could smashinto someone's car…please remove…back of Lot B
  • Rice Ave Catonsville, MD - Catonsville
    This long ignored road is a complete mess. It needs to be torn up, along with most of the sidewalks, and completely redone. We were told by the county that this was on the schedule to be fixed years ago at a community meeting but other than some utility line replacement, nothing was done for years.
    Also, when the utility poles were relocated, the cement sidewalk where the old one was (corner of Glenmore), was not filled in with cement but with asphalt (illegal!) and then, stupidly, another pole was moved ONTO the sidewalk (at N. Beechwood) blocking the sidewalk.
    The paving is so bad at the Glenmore end of the street that there is actually no pavement left. Just a giant mud hole!
    This neglected street has now been made worse by bungling utility changes and continues to slide into worse and worse shape.
    But the houses on this street SHOULD bring the county HIGHER tax revenue because they back onto parkland!! If the county would fix the street and sidewalks, this would improve the showing of homes on the street, raise values, and bring in more tax revenue paying for the new street.
    Still a mess!
  • Hilltop Road Catonsville, MD - Catonsville

    Hilltop Road between Holmes and Valley has a serious pot hole problem.

    Also, there is a stream there which has not been properly dealt with. The bridge is too small. During heavy rain or melting snow, the water runs down the road (causing some of the pot holes) and into the stream eroding the road edge more. The rip rap for drainage DOES NOT WORK. A proper drainage system between the field and the road needs to be addressed.

  • Maiden Choice Ave. Baltimore, MD - Catonsville
    There are some tree branches hanging over power, utility line between Mauden Choice and Wilkens Ave.
  • sewer leak Archived
    17-99 River Road Ellicott City, MD 21043, USA - Catonsville
    sewer leak from manhole labelled 'sewer'
  • 1-3 Kenwood Avenue Catonsville, MD 21228, USA - Catonsville
    A small fountain of water is in the intersection.
  • 2555-2579 Frederick Road Catonsville, Maryland - Catonsville
    There is a huge depressed area / sinkhole on the outer side of the lane towards Main Street. The area/sinkhole can trampoline the front right wheel of a car and cause it to lose control and cross over into the opposite lane. That is a bad accident waiting to happen. Severe damage to struts of a car is likely and that is not the worst-case scenario.