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  • 1530 Atlanta Georgia - Atlanta

    Neighbor hoards 6 non-working vehicles (3 in front of home, 3 in driveway) and another in front of next door neighbor's home. All vehicles are stuffed to the ceiling with junk. In addition to a junkyard's worth of goods (upholstered furniture, bikes, tools, coolers, car parts and anything else you can think of) that they hawk to salvage buyers on a daily basis. There is a daily flow of pickup trucks dropping off items in front of this house, which sometimes impedes the flow of traffic. From the street, as well as from Google satellite imaging, one can see that the entire backyard is filled with similar junk. The attached images from Google maps are several years old and do not reflect the current amount of trash and debris in the yard, which currently covers 100% of the backyard and 50% of the front yard. Sadly, the neighboring home was renovated and wasted away on the market for 9 months and had to reduce the price nearly $100,000 before it sold. This is not only a health hazard on multiple levels (fire, vermin, etc), but is clearly negatively impacting the value of any neighboring homes (side and back), as well as those across the street whose front windows look onto the home. Besides the fact that he is clearly trying to run a business out of a residential neighborhood.

    I have been a resident on this street for 2 years and have only seen the problem grow significantly worse and more dangerous over time. Your support of neighborhood health, safety and home values is appreciated.

  • 900-1094 Marietta Blvd Nw Atlanta, GA, 30318, USA - Knight Park/Howell Station
    The entire section of Marietta Blvd NW from Donald Lee Hollowell to West Marietta street needs some attention. Cars are swerving into oncoming traffic to avoid the ample potholes.
  • 1135 Marietta Boulevard Northwest Atlanta, Georgia - Knight Park/Howell Station
    There are some pretty serious potholes on the bridge at Marietta St. These holes have been there for months and are getting worse. The rebar is actually visible. Can you please send someone out to repair????
  • 672 Mcgill Pl Ne Atlanta 30312, United States - 330 McGill Place
    We have a serious rodent a.k.a. rat infestation in building 12 units 638 through 660. Unit 642 rats in the attic and one was in the kitchen eating food. Unit 650 rats in the attic, walls, laundry room and kitchen with food eaten in the pantry and the kitchen. Unit 660 rats in the attic, walls and evidence in the condo. Unit 656 rats in the attic and maybe squirrels picture attached belongs to that unit patio and maybe point of entry. Unit 652 rats in the ceiling, laundry room and kitchen and evidence that food has been eaten. Unit 646 hearing noises in the attic. Unit 648 the worst one of all several captured in attic and six have been captured and killed inside of the condo eating food including dog food. No activity to report as of yet in unit 640, 644. Unit 638 has not responded left note. Unit 654 is vacant therefore no answer. Unit 658 undetermined because the lady does not speak English. The homeowners in building 12 request an emergency meeting with the board and the management company. This is a health and safety matter that needs to be addressed immediately. Rodents can eat wires and cause fires thank you very much for your prompt attention building Captain Ted Miltiades unit 642 phone number 404-310-0997.
  • Cleveland Ave Sw Atlanta, GA, 30315, USA - Hammond Park
    This site needs to be remedied. It has been closed for years and is a huge eyesore both to Atlanta and to East Point, as it is on the dividing line but in Atlanta. Get the owners, please, to clean this place up, tear it down..something. BUT FOR NOW... get rid of the graffiti. It is a huge blight on Cleveland Avenue.
  • 1198 Baylor Street Northwest Atlanta, Georgia - Knight Park/Howell Station
    1196 / 1198 Baylor St duplex has been vacant since December 2017. Residents who resided in 1198 (basement unit) and evicted in Nov 2017 and who were operating a meth kitchen are coming and going from the property. They have recently hung new sheets over the windows that face Carr St.
    under Atlanta’s vacant house law, the house should have been boarded up months ago. The house is uninhabitable and should be torn down.
  • Marietta St Nw@Marietta Blvd Nw Atlanta, GA 30318, USA - Knight Park/Howell Station
    rebar showing and fully exposed on top of bridge. This is usually one of the first signs of structural failure
  • 3139 Cherry Blossom Ln Atlanta, GA, 30344, USA - Atlanta
    Can a new large bin be replaced for the damaged one? Thanks in advance!
  • 461 Oakdale Rd Ne Atlanta 30307, United States - Candler Park
    Both sides of the sidewalk are blocked. The only way to traverse this section is to go out on the busy Oakdale road. We have our neighborhood festival tomorrow as well. Please either fix or put in a temporary walkway until you can.
  • 1161 West Marietta St Nw Atlanta, GA 30318, USA - Knight Park/Howell Station
    This traffic pattern needs to change. The turn from the middle lane should be eliminated. We have watched many many people go straight out of the left lane and almost hit people turning. The middle lane simply should not turn.
  • 1742 Mclendon Ave Ne Atlanta 30307, United States - Lake Claire
  • 411–661 Mcgill Pl Ne Atlanta 30312, United States - 330 McGill Place
    For the past hour I’ve been hearing loud scratching from a possible creature just on the other side of my ceiling between the living room and the back bedroom.