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  • Tree Concern Acknowledged
    5222 Lightning View Road Columbia, MD - Columbia
    Tree between 5222 & 5218 is dead near the road. Dropping branches onto the sidewalk and roadway too. Please inspect to be removed
  • 8955 Guilford Rd Columbia 21046, United States - Columbia
    The crosswalk markings need to be replaced since the new paving (which is great btw!)
  • 10100 Twin Rivers Road Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    The new way this intersection has been configured is confusing for drivers. It is way too many lanes coming together into a 4-way stop. Drivers either hesitate or go when it isn't their turn. There are pedestrians at this intersection too. I think either a traffic light or traffic circle would make it less hazardous. Since this is an entrance/exit to the mall, it will be increasingly perilous come the holiday season. Thank you for looking into this.
  • Pothole Archived
    Hickory Ridge Rd Columbia, MD, 21044, USA - Columbia
    Please fix the patches and address the seriously deteriorating conditions of Hickory Ridge road. This road has so many potholes that RE-OPEN every time it rains or snows. This road has at least 3-4 major bus stops on it and I see people swerving within feet of these kids DAILY in order to avoid large groups of potholes (some of which have been half-hazardly filled with temporary pebbles. This is not the solution, please at minimum repave the bad parts of this road and make a permanent fix to this once and for all. If anything happens to these kids the county WILL be responsible. The ramp from Hickory Ridge Road to Brokenland has also been filled at least 6 times already and the pothole keeps reopening. Please fix these issues once and for all. See image attached. Thank you
  • Lawn Damage Archived
    Castile Ct Columbia, MD, 21045, USA - Columbia
    Massive damage with deep ruts, ripped up grass, and mud to the center of our court. Please repair this damage.
  • 6104 Stevens Forest Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    A sidewalk/pathway from Owen Brown Road leading to a crosswalk across Stevens Forest Road has adjacent turf that is not being mowed or maintained. The unkempt area appears to be part and parcel of the County road right-of-way, and residents are asking the County to mow and maintain this turf.
  • 6322–6358 Cedar Ln Columbia 21044, United States - Columbia
    I’m not sure if it’s the lighting or the lane markings themselves, but the lanes lines along Cedar Lane are VERY difficult to see when it’s raining at night, particularly in this stretch near Freetown Road.
  • 8410 Kings Meade Way Columbia, MD, 21046, USA - Columbia
    There is a water runoff stream that leads to a county “dry pond” in my backyard. The streamway is eroding at a high volume this year with the heavy rains, storms, and flooding as a result.
  • Tree Concern Acknowledged
    6682-6698 Martin Rd Columbia, MD, 21044, USA - Columbia
    large loose branch on tree by the bus stop, looks like it will drop before long.
  • Tree Concern Acknowledged
    9401-9499 Pursuit Ct Columbia, MD, 21045, USA - Columbia
    Large Branch down blocking roadway completely.
  • Murray Hill And Guilford Rd - Columbia
    Please repaint the white dotted lines between the two left turning lanes from Murray Hiil to Guilford rd. Outside cars turning left regularly cut off left turning inside cars. This marking was done a number of month’s ago and traffic flow was improved but the white markets have since worn out.
  • Pothole Archived
    Guilford Rd & Old Columbia Rd Columbia, MD, 21046, USA - Columbia
    There are two(2) potholes in the right lane near a stop sign on Guilford Rd where it meets Old Columbia Rd.