Clock Tower Neighborhood Watch

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Watching issues created after: 2009-06-07

Concerned about your Neighborhood? Your not the only one. Report problems for around the Clock Tower area here and join your neighbors in keeping it safe. Get connected and stay informed. Our Crime Watch Site can be reached at

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  • 916 W. Lapham Milwaukee, WI - Historic Mitchell Street

    Traffic, people in and out of the house. Short visits with cars coming and going all day and night.

    Yard in back is strewn with garbage: old tires, papers and broken down van.

  • 931 West Madison Ave Milwaukee , wisconsin - Walker's Point

    I seen cars not slowing down even when they have a stop sign. I work at the saint Vincent de Paul meal ministry, and the streets in mentioned are 10th and Madison.

    Reported from my mobile device

  • 900 West Greenfield - Historic Mitchell Street
    there should be flashing lights to alert drivers that children are out of school and crossing greenfield at 9th street. the fire department is acrossed the street and i know they don't need to respond to a child hit by a car that doesn't slow down, when the children are trying to cross the street.
  • 1659 S 3rd St Milwaukee - Clock Tower Acres
    streets between 1st and mitchell to 1st and lincoln hasd pot holes also cracks needs to be fixed...
  • SINKHOLE Archived
    1438 W Grant St Milwaukee Wi 53215 - Lincoln Village
    Possible sink hole keeps getting bigger right in front of my house. Very Dangerous. Needs to be fixed I have already called the city and got no response.
  • 1655 South 3rd Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Clock Tower Acres
    A good number of kids live on my block. There's to many fast drivers that ride by. Someone kids-elderly - or disabled person is going to get hurt. We need speed humps on the block please.
  • 1579 South 2nd Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Clock Tower Acres

    On Lapham Blv. there is a stop/go light on 2nd and Lapham that is an incredibly long light, and the problem is, there is never anyone on the road to wait for.

    The reality of the situation is that Lapham blv is a four lane highway, but between KK and 2nd it is barely ever used. People get sick of sitting at the light and actually get in the right lane and turn right and then make a u turn to go through the green light and then turn right again to get back on the road, because the wait for the stop light is so excessive.

    Please fix it,

  • 1030 W Mineral Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Walker's Point
    The balcony is in very bad conditions. Looks like its going to break.
  • 720 W. Historic Mitchell Milwaukee, WI - Historic Mitchell Street
    its the street light pole right infront of 720 w. historic mitchell st 53204
  • Graffiti Archived
    300-398 W Becher St Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Clock Tower Acres
  • 229 W. Orchard St. Milwaukee, WI 53210, USA - Walker's Point
    neibor has been burning wood and other material that he has
    been removeing from the
    interior.smoke smells like burning house,when confronted he became threatening,yelling in my face
  • S 5th St & I-94 & I-43 Milwaukee, WI 53204, USA - Historic Mitchell Street
    Fence is overgrown with vegetation making it very difficult to see and yield to traffic exiting the highway.