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Trash or Illegal Dumping

, reported at 345 Manhattan Dr Burlington, VT, 05401, USA.

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Futon on green belt.

Is it on public or private property?
# 7362249
Burlington, VT
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  • Bill Ward Director of Permitting and Inspections assigned this issue to Permitting and Inspections

  • Verified Official

    Issue acknowledged.

  • Verified Official

    An email has been sent to the property owner/manager; Dear Owner/Property Manager: The following report was made through SeeClickFix: Per BCO 18-111: any loose trash/debris and any broken and/or interior-purposed furniture must be removed from the exterior of this property; any recyclable items need to be in wheeled “toter” containers and stored properly, away from the front of the property, on non-collection days. Please address this reported issue with expediency and thank you for your cooperation. Best, Code Enforcement Division (802) 863-0442

  • Verified Official

    Property owner has replied to the inspector regarding this concern.

  • SCormier
    Verified Official

    Item removed - closing issue.

    Image uploaded by SCormier

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Burlington, VT

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