Saugus Town Hall PLUS

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  • Public Health IssuesĐược thừa nhận
    1516–1518 Broadway Saugus MA 01906, United States - Saugus
    Aggregate smells too strong!! We can't stay outside ! If you are at the gym or Lowell's be very careful with the strong smell from the company cross street Everyday keeps greeting stronger the smells Some type of residual they burn stick on the air and makes impossible to walk on the street If you pass by driving you can smell too Before was at night time only and now it's all day the strong odor !
  • 10 Horton St Saugus, MA, 01906, USA - Saugus
    2 Street Lights are out on Horton Street. Thank you
  • Public Health IssuesĐược thừa nhận
    Lincoln Ave & Linwood St Town of Saugus, MA, 01906, USA - Saugus
    There are serious weeds along the Lincoln Ave part of the corner. It is impossible to see around the corner from Linwood.
    That illegal height wall is still there adding to the problem, but the Town is not responding.
  • 101 Adams Ave Saugus MA 01906, United States - Saugus
    This house has a burnt out truck half on the sidewalk and trash all around the house.
  • 14 Cliftondale Ave Saugus 01906, United States - Saugus
    They are digging up land that the previous owner was told it was wetlands when he tried to do it.Also the work is done on weekends and odd hours day and night.
  • Public Health IssuesĐược thừa nhận
    4 Rogers Lane Saugus, Massachusetts, 01906 - Saugus
    Ever since this family moved in ( 4 Rogers Lane) they have been adding piles of dirt, trash, compost piles, hay all over the yard. They have added a chicken coop and allow the chickens to roam free and poop everywhere. We are on a cul de sac and have never ever had any issues with rats but now because of all of their trash and debris we have rats running all over the place and into neighbors yards. They also built a stone fire pit (illegal right?) that they cook at almost every night (depending on weather) and they eat outside leaving scraps of the food all over the yard. All of the neighbors have dogs and we are afraid of some disease that could spread because of these unsanitary conditions. Thank you.
  • 49 Vine St Saugus, MA, 01906, USA - Saugus
    Raccoon family living inside the property. In the picture you see 2, we were able to see 3 in and out of the property, but couldn’t picture them all in 1 photo.
  • 121 Adams Ave Saugus 01906, United States - Saugus

    There are two large rocks on the sidewalk in front of 121 Adams Ave that need to be removed. They are next to a high traffic street. Also, contacted DPW by phone on 12/23 to remove them.

    Thank you.

  • Vine Street Corner Of Highland Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus

    Hello, A stone wall at the corner of Highland and Vine is damaged and in front of a stream of water. Across from Talbot street.

    Please replace wall or repair.

    Thank you.

  • Pelham Street And Pemberly Drive Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus
    The corner of Pelham Street and Pemberly Drive has a lot of rock debris from hill caused by rain storm. Very dangerous driving with huge rocks, please send street sweeper
  • 367 Lincoln Ave Saugus, Massachusetts - Saugus
    Angelo's oil at 367 Lincoln Ave is still runnig his trucks for about 15-30 mins in the morning ant there are big turcks going down Hazel st to the diesel pump and i have videos to prove it
  • 38 Juniper Drive Saugus, MA, 01906, USA - Saugus
    The Pond at 38 Juniper Drive is very Full of water. THE poison Ivy is now creeping onto the sidewalk creating a hazard for people that walk on our Street. We have often wondered why this area is so badly taken care of since all of our neighbors take care of their properties. Why is this ok that this property is left is such disaray. Can this property be cleaned up? Can the owners (DiBiase Salem Realty ) take care of this property and clear away the TRASH, DEBRIS and the POISON IVY before it becomes something more serious? The POND is dirty and over run with trash and other items. Please advise Thank you.