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  • 224 College St New Haven CT 06510, United States - Town_Green
    I think this is past being a noise problem and has escalated into a safety issue. Last night, a Saturday, was very loud and screechy from the vehicle trick action.
  • 97 Everit St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - East Rock
    Everit Street is often subject to cars racing in excess of 40 MPH. Not only is this a residential street with many young families and pedestrians, it connects to the back of Hooker School, where many children and parents come and go. I suspect that people are using this street to quickly bypass the light on Whitney and/or to avoid the challenging intersection at Whitney and Cold Spring. I would greatly appreciate an assessment of this Street to see if there is a way to divert traffic or prevent speeding.
  • New Haven Ct 06511 United States - Edgewood

    THREE more car crashes *this* week alone (9/5/2020- 9/10/2020). The blinking yellow light (Ellsworth) + blinking red light (Edgewood) are ineffective & dangerous. The newish yellow posted signs of "Cross traffic does not stop" are *not* working, & we & the neighbors on this block continue to be concerned & frustrated that these crashes occur again & again & again. As this intersection is also a CTTransit spot with active riders, this makes it unsafe for pedestrians getting on/off buses.

    Reporting the crashes at this same intersection time & again for years to our alder & the Dept. of Transportation, Traffic, & Safety has led to no meaningful change or increased safety. The car crashes continue. The screeching of tires from near misses is a daily sound. The traffic signals at this intersection cause confusion & danger so no pedestrian is safe here.

  • Farnum Dr New Haven CT 06511, United States - East Rock
    Little by little the barriers and signs indicating that Farnum Dr and English Dr are closed, as well as the end of Orange St between Cold Spring and the T intersection at the base of East Rock have been moved aside. Large gaps are letting in illegal quads and dirt bikes, I have seen many more lately They are a danger to anyone on foot or bicycle Please enforce the road closures and bring more barriers and signs to ensure the safety of the rest of us...,
  • 42 Peat Meadow Rd New Haven, CT, 06512, USA - Annex
    There is a need for speed bumps and signage on this one way street. There are often racing cars and dirt bikes/motorcycles that go up and down the street (especially at night) posing a safety threat. For the other families that live on this street, the unbelievably loud noise from all of this makes it hard to sleep. It's not only a lack of respect, it's most importantly UNSAFE for anyone else that has to pull out of their driveway.
  • 431 Edgewood Ave New Haven CT 06511, United States - Edgewood
    Another accident- can you please put up a flashing STOP signs at the non stop lights along Edgewood Mall. There are too many accidents on this road.
  • Ella T Grasso Blvd & Glen Rd New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Beaver Hills
    Another accident AT THIS INTERSECTION of Ella Grasso Boulevard and Glen Road. This traffic calming cannot happen soon enough!!!!!
  • 950 Townsend Ave New Haven, CT, 06512, USA - Annex
    Townsend Avenue is dangerous. Only having moved into an apartment in May, I work from home and hear the constant speeding as cars race past my windows. I have seen two accidents on this residential road in the last four months. My neighbors warned me of the dangers of this road when I moved in, rather than discussing the farmers markets or parks in our area. As a pedestrian of this road, I do not feel safe crossing the streets or walking on the side of the road in sections without sidewalks. Personally, I have had to jump out of crosswalks and remove myself from harms way as drivers speed through. It has gotten too close for comfort, however this appears to be the norm. Parents teach their children not to cross Townsend Ave. They instruct them that they cannot trust the crosswalks (located in front of the school and a church) as cars will not see them or stop for them. This has gone on far too long and needs to stop. Townsend Ave needs to be made safe for all. Stop the speeding. Enforce the speed limit, make sidewalks and crosswalks safer. Make changes to the road if you need, just do something- there are lives at stake here.
  • 83-199 S Water St New Haven, CT, 06519, USA - City Point
    There is a sidewalk gap in my neighborhood - about 20 yards long between the condos and the driveway for the Pequonnock Yacht Club
  • 99 Diamond St New Haven CT 06515, United States - Beaver Hills
    Need a new sidewalk on the odd side of the street per Resident on neighborhood walk. On one block sidewalks missing both sides There are speed humps which is great - 'We always have people walking in the street here We need a sidewalk'
  • Whitney Ave & Cliff St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Prospect Hill
    Traffic light is needed for this location. Left a message with the alder.
  • Scarpellino'S Restaurant & Catering 257 Forbes Ave, East Haven, CT, 06512, USA - Annex
    There’s no crosswalk late is very dangerous for pedestrians to walk across the street cars go fast over here pass the lights especially next to Fulton terrace And Forbes ave we need cross walk buttons around here seeing this is a Main Street it’s dangerous