Sandy, UT MAIS

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  • Meter LeakReconhecido
    12128 S Woodridge Rd Sandy UT 84094, United States - Sandy
    No leak, just a missing antenna
  • Meter LeakReconhecido
    8578 S Snowville Dr Sandy City, UT, 84093, USA - Sandy
    We noticed the grass was squishy and opened the meter lid to find it full of water.
  • 180 E Sego Lily Dr Sandy UT 84070, United States - Sandy
    There are two dead trees on the east side of the Dewey Bleuth park One in the entrance road and one by the first pavilion Also another one across the street in pugmire park
  • Creekside Park - Sandy
    Caller was concerned that the new trees planted at the park may be at risk due to the local beaver population. They indicated that placing 'cages' around the bases of the trees would be a good solution.
  • E 10000 S & S Rockview Dr Sandy, UT, 84092, USA - Sandy
    Damage to fence along 10000 S in the area of Rockview Drive. Resident believes it our fence. Brad Ford 801-935-7098
  • 11273 S 625 E Sandy, UT 84070, USA - Sandy
    please plow 625 East at 11200 South.
  • Street LightsReconhecido
    10600 S State St Sandy UT 84070, United States - Sandy
    Red light out, 106th S. State, northbound.
  • Street LightsReconhecido
    W 10600 S & Auto Mall Dr Sandy, UT, 84070, USA - Sandy

    The light for pedestrians is not working properly. If the pedestrians turn to cross, it will not light up. Therefore the pedestrian never knows if they are allowed to cross or not.

    Additionally, there is no marked crosswalk in this area. Maybe consider repainting the crosswalk as it makes it extremely dangerous for someone to cross it without proper paint.

  • Street LightsReconhecido
    10600–10636 S 1300 E Sandy UT 84094, United States - Sandy
    Traffic light is out
  • Street LightsReconhecido
    9400–9428 S 700 E Sandy UT 84070, United States - Sandy
    Middle traffic signal heading southbound on 700 E at 9400 S has red light out
  • Street LightsReconhecido
    11762 S 1700 E Sandy UT 84092, United States - Sandy
    Light out west side of 1700 east
  • Street LightsReconhecido
    894 E Edgefield Rd Sandy UT 84094, United States - Sandy
    The street light across from my house, between 885 and 893 E Edgefield Rd, keeps cycling on and off It needs to be replaced