City of Houston PLUS

Open Issues: 110 Closed Issues: 152,567 Acknowledged Issues: 43,073
  • 1316 Fairview Ave Houston, TX, 77006, USA - Montrose
    Illegal and unauthorized claim of public property by construction of permanent barriers
  • 1316 Fairview Ave Houston, TX, 77006, USA - Montrose
    1316 Fairview street owner has enclosed public property in front of their home
    City has cited owner but they refuse to return the property to public
  • Tc Jester Blvd @ Kansas St Houston, TX 77007, USA - Greater Heights
    please mow the bridge sides and put it on a schedule.
  • Jensen Dr Houston, TX, 77020, USA - Downtown
    Sharp expansion joint/iron lip — unexpected change in the height at the edge of the pavement/approach slab and the slab/bridge deck. This Impacts tire and rim of vehicles.
  • Stella Link Rd Houston 77025, United States - Medical
    Concrete is breaking loose from underneath the southbound Stella link bridge exposing the reinforcing bar. The concrete could be very dangerous to a passing bicyclist or pedestrian.
  • T C Jester Blvd Houston 77007, United States - Greater Heights
    Tall weeds on bridge, please trim
  • Tc Jester Blvd @ Kansas St Houston, TX 77007, USA - Greater Heights
    please mow bridge median and put it on a schedule.
  • 3139 Richmond Ave Houston, TX 77098, USA - River Oaks

    BB's restaurant is barricading off lanes of Audley Street for their own private use for curbside pickup. The cones push drivers heading towards stop sign on Audley facing Richmond into head on traffic.

    This should not be blocked for private use, shoukd not be so close to stop sign.

  • Macgregor Way @ Cullen Blvd Houston, TX 77004, USA - Southeast
    barricade rails for southbound Cullen at North MacGregor way need to be replaced
  • 2835 Quincannon Ln Houston 77043, United States - Spring Branch
    Dead in street barricade needs to be repaired. There is water on the south side of the barricade and young children play in the area.
  • Antoine Dr & Us-290 W Houston, TX, 77092, USA - Spring Branch
    There is a homeless woman littering the space under the bridge. Her personal belongings are all over the place, every week she brings more and more stuff. We will keep reporting this situation until the City of Houston takes action. We are pretty sure illegal encamping under the bridges is banned in Texas. She brings store carts and left them close to the road. Those store carts will cause an accident very soon.
  • 6559 W Bellfort Blvd Houston, TX 77035, USA - Meyerland
    EASTBOUND W Bellfort- the bridge over the Bayou between Gallo and Larkwood - The surface just prior to the bridge is in desperate need of resurfacing