City of Houston PLUS

Open Issues: 6 Closed Issues: 111,216 Acknowledged Issues: 1,740
  • 1208 Montrose Blvd - Montrose
    Not permitted Goat yoga signs everywhere. Big eye sore
  • 6834 Boone Road Bellaire West, TX 77072, United States of America - Sugarland
    This is a very large four sided sign advertising a law firm, and I think that it is illegal.
  • 2227 Colquitt St Houston, TX 77098, USA - Montrose
    Batts Development business sign has been in Mr. Batts front yard for over a year. this is his residence, not his office. no work is being done here, no building permits are active. house is listed for sale but this is not a real estate sign. it's advertising his development business in violation of City ordinance.
  • 874 Wakefield Dr Houston, TX 77018, USA - Northwest
    Builder has raised grade almost a foot without providing any drainage. Fill dirt is being held in by the fences on the adjacent lots. Rainwater will just flow into adjacent back yards
  • 3203-3227 Freshmeadows Dr Houston, TX 77063, USA - Westchase
    foundation and underground plumbing work withoutcity permit
  • 2100 Woodhead St Houston, TX 77019, USA - Montrose
    Sign is on the building at the corner of Indiana and woodhead
  • 11902-11906 Harristown Drive Houston, TX 77047, USA - Southeast
  • City EngineerAcknowledged
    901-913 Prairie St Houston, TX 77002, USA - Downtown
    While waiting at the light, I saw the barricade go up to block Prairie, a full 20 minutes before the time posted. This immediately caused gridlock. Are they permitted to close the street that early?
  • City EngineerAcknowledged
    701-799 Gardner St Houston, TX 77009, USA - Greater Heights
    New sidewalks created as part of development are narrower than city minimum standard. Ramps may be too steep for ADA.
  • DrainageAcknowledged
    1615-1699 Summer St Houston, TX 77007, USA - Rice Military
    The drainage of the ditches around the park is prohibited because the ditch needs to be regraded in front of the townhouses on Summer. The water is in the ditches for weeks, mosquito risk.
  • DrainageAcknowledged
    1101 Cordell St Houston, TX 77009, USA - Greater Heights
    Standing water - had not rain in over 48 hours - still in multiple ditches along Cordell Street and Pitman Street.
  • DrainageAcknowledged
    1101 Potomac Dr Houston, TX 77057, USA - Galleria-Uptown
    These are the pictures I took today Saturday, February 10. The city was here Friday, February 9 to fix the problem I had previously reported under job number 2909832 and as you can see from the pictures after some rain last night, the drainage still backs up.