City of Saline PLUS

Open Issues: 7 Closed Issues: 547 Acknowledged Issues: 7
  • Terrible noiseAcknowledged
    200 S. Ann Arbor St. Saline, Michigan - Saline
    There is something on the roof of the Frontier building that has been clattering for 3 days non stop. It is disturbing and incessant! It stops for a few minutes and then starts up again!
  • Public WorksAcknowledged
    104 W Mckay St Saline, MI 48176, USA - Saline
    deep vertical cracks in street tree from base to more than 10 feet up; cracks are on different sides of the tree; cracks appeared in last few days.
  • Public WorksAcknowledged
    348-398 Clark St Saline, Michigan - Saline
    Don't know whose wire this is.
  • 448 Old Creek Drive Saline, Michigan - Saline
    There's a very big bump in the road at the stop sign that needs repair as you're going south on Old Creek Drive. The other side of the street has been fixed (northbound). Please patch this one, too. Thank you!
  • 123 N Lewis St Saline, MI 48176, USA - Saline
    something underground has caved in at the storm drain cover location
  • 2919 Hawthorne Way Saline, Michigan - Saline
    ramp to sidewalk deteriorating
  • Public WorksAcknowledged
    Curtis Park Ct And Monroe Street Saline, Michigan - Saline
    Sight lines for persons wishing to exit Curtis Park Court onto Monroe St are blocked by trucks and trailers parked on the west side of Monroe St very near Curtis Park Court. Can signs be placed to insure those sight lines for persons wishing to exit Curttis Park Court, please?
  • 105 W. Bennett St Saline, Michigan - Saline
    The section of sidewalk containing the curb valve is loose, and rocks when stepped on. It appears to be a tripping hazard as well as a slight annoyance as the block creates a loud thud every time someone steps on it. Thank you in advance for addressing this issue.
  • 409 Cottonwood Lane Saline, Michigan - Saline
    discolored water, nearly brown, in all faucets and toilets in home
  • 555 N. Maple Rd. Saline, Michigan - Saline
    there is a large crack and sunken piece of sidewalk between the library entrance and Thibault lane along maple. This is a potential toe catch.
  • 1081 N Ann Arbor Saline, Michigan - Saline

    In the City of Saline lot between Dr Singleton's office and Cascade Point, someone is dumping feed to attract deer, which is in violation of the Michigan DNR law. Starting on January 1, 2019, any baiting will be illegal statewide.

    The law is intended to limit the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease of the Michigan deer herd. There is a limit of 2 gallons of any type of bait - corn, seed, apples, etc. - and it MUST BE spread out over a 10' x 10' area. This is to keep deer from feeding in close contact face to face and to help prevent the spread of this disease. Numerous deer can be seen in the small bare spot there at various times of the day (and night I would assume).

    Here's a photo of the feed that is dumped in piles and violates Michigan law as to how the feed is to be spread out. Just wondering who would actually pay the fine if the DNR came across this baiting site?

  • Road issueAcknowledged
    650 Woodland Drive Saline, Michigan - Saline
    At the stop light on Woodland Drive and Maple, the paint on the road is faded (yellow double lines/turning lanes). There is a turn lane on woodland driving going into Linden Square as well as turn lane turning left on Maple. It is so faded that it is causing accidents and constant fender benders. Now that school is in session with continuation of construction, traffic has increased on Woodland Drive and more drivers are not paying attention. Is there anyway this can be looked into?