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  • 35 Ashley Rd Windsor, CT, 06095, USA - Windsor
    This property has been having trash/garbage/debris left outside for months now. The pile is getting larger, the stench when the wind blows from their property was overwhelming this week, and that old food truck has not moved from that spot in months. Our properties back up to protected wet lands and trash is going into it.
  • 366 Capen St Windsor, CT, 06095, USA - Windsor
    We have fought for years for a sidewalk on cook hill and it has not gone anywhere. How can we maybe settle for a four way stop and we’ll marked crosswalks with signs at the intersection of Cook Hill and Capen??? So many high schooler cross Capen and walk up and down Cook Hill daily. Cook hill and Capen in general need pedestrian safety improvement all the way to the high school. This year I have a high schooler struggling to cross that intersection and the one by sage park road. He actually comes home complaining how hard it is and how sometimes he walks up past the intersection to see it it’s easier to get over to the sidewalk.
  • 25 Midian Ave Windsor, CT, 06095, USA - Windsor
    Whoever complained before is right Also no headlights looks like it was in a accident. did truck laws change?
  • 102 Upper Broad St Windsor, CT 06095, USA - Windsor
    On the sidewalk under the Palisado /Broad Street railroad bridge there is a lot of slippery leaf debris that needs to be cleared.
  • House Damage!ADIは、
    32 Midian Ave Windsor, CT, 06095, USA - Windsor
    Why don't all of Windsor Resident's come drive by my house and see the Red Metal Roof on the neighbors house, that was given a permit in 2011, issued by Rob Ruzzo in the Windsor Building Dept. who is Unlicensed, which has 5 errors on it, Snow hardens up, slides off and slams on to my house, damaging my vinyl siding in chunks! In 2016, it put a hole in my basement window, over 80 rats came in, there is rat poop all over my basement, Windsor won't accept responsibility. A jury trial is to take place in May next year! Windsor hired a Hartford Atty. to try to win this case! I am stuck living here til case is solved!
  • 1808 Poquonock Ave Windsor, CT, 06095, USA - Windsor
    Occupants of 1808 Poquonock Ave are improperly parking 3 - 4 vehicles off the driveway on the grass causing soil erosion, and sand is accumulating on the public sidewalk in front of the property causing a hazard to pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Vehicles are not usually present during the day, but can be seen later in the evening / night.
  • OtherADIは、
    175 Ford Rd Windsor, CT 06095, USA - Windsor
    Is there a town ordinance about commercial truck drivers parking/idling/parking their sleeper cabs, with or without full size trailers in a residential neighborhood overnight during the week and weekends?
  • Midian Ave Windsor, CT, 06095, USA - Windsor
    This person parks this and another cab her for over two years , yet the town does nothing. Other end of town a person parks their truck in there driveway and twenty minutes later ticketed . Some say their neighbor had the town in her pocket.
    This is a clear case of discrimination based on race of where the town enforces the law or not. Maybe the others should get an attorney and file a class action of discrimination against the town .
  • 734-734 Rainbow Rd Windsor, CT, 06095, USA - Windsor
    Hi, I took this photo this evening 10/23/19 of an accident at the median just after the Rainbow firehouse. I don’t know what happened but from the looks of it (and time of day), it might be the same issue my husband had on 10/21/19. He was traveling on Rainbow towards International Drive at sunset and was blinded by the sun. He ended up on the median, blew out his tire, and damaged his front bumper and undercarriage. He called me to pick him up after the accident and I was also completely blinded by the sun. It’s amazingly impossible to see right in that area at sunset. I don’t know if this is a repeat problem for others but thought it should be looked at. Honestly don’t know how you can alert someone. It happens so fast that you don’t see the blinding even coming. Thanks for looking into this.
  • OtherADIは、
    55 Palisado Ave Windsor 06095, United States - Windsor
    Now that Public works fixes the drainage issue under the Palisado Av bridge on the riverwalk and and widened the access to it from Bart’s, can the town budget funds to fix the retaining blocks and continue the riverwalk fully to the sidewalk by the boat launch. This section gets a lot of use and it would be nice to have it complete.
  • 58 Midian Ave Windsor, CT, 06095, USA - Windsor
    Seems ok to have can that was in a accident and another parked in a residential neighborhood in plain view but my truck can’t be parked in my back yard without getting a firm fro mute town. Makes one think it’s favoritism for race
  • 32 Midian Ave Windsor, CT, 06095, USA - Windsor
    I figured that my post about my House Damage was going to be Flagged, and of course it was! That's because Windsor is Fully aware of the Fact that they are wrong and Guilty that they are responsible for damaging my house! I only bought this house because I have Epilepsy, my cat Lucy wanted to get away from the trains by Upper Broad St. I had to listen to her Meow and cry that she could NOT go thru her kitty door for over 1 year, after the window got broken, because of the rats got thru the basement window and left rat poop all over! That was the hardest part of all of this Illegal permit mess! I am a mother to ALL of my pets!