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Howard County, MD

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  • Bus System (RTA)Acknowledged
    4732 Dorsey Hall Dr Ellicott City, Maryland - Ellicott City
    Broken digital sign at bus stop
  • Bus System (RTA)Acknowledged
    9741 Clocktower Ln Columbia, MD 21046, USA - Columbia
    Clocktower at Murray Hill bus shelter has been vandalized. The electrical supply has been bent and the wires are exposed.
  • Bus System (RTA)Acknowledged
    Clocktower Lane MD 21046, United States of America - Columbia
    Bus station littered with trash and cigarette butts.
  • Little Patuxent Pkwy Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    There is a bus stop on Little Pax Parkway directly across from HCC (opposite side of Little Pax from HCC) that is not located on a corner or near a light. I was following another car and both of us safely moved to the left lane from behind the stopped bus only to have to stop extremely quickly when the students got off the of the bus and immediately crossed Little Pax Pkwy to get to the campus. This is extremely dangerous! The bus stop needs to be moved to one of the lights behind or in front of this where cross walks are located. The other option would be to place a fence in the median so the students are forced to walk to one of the cross walks. THIS IS AN ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN. Obviously the students are not paying attention.
  • Bus System (RTA)Acknowledged
    9741 Clocktower Ln Columbia, MD 21046, USA - Columbia
    Bus stop shelter sign is misspelled. Hard to tell if it is an attempt at edginess or the usual incompetence. Either way the shelter is also still filthy with cigarette butts. It is Murray Hill Road, Murray with an A.
  • Bus System (RTA)Acknowledged
    4732 Dorsey Hall Drive Ellicott City, Maryland - Ellicott City
    The trash can is overflowing
  • Bus System (RTA)Acknowledged
    9880 Broken Land Parkway Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Several signs on the bus shelters along Broken Land Parkway between Snowden and the Mall have the street abbreviated "BLB" instead of "BLP"
  • Bus System (RTA)Acknowledged
    123 Main Street Columbia, Maryland - Ellicott City
  • Bus System (RTA)Acknowledged
    9421 Frederick Road Ellicott City, MD - Ellicott City

    A bus stop sign in front of the Miller Branch library (9421 Frederick Rd. Ellicott City, MD 21042) has been taken.

    The post is there, the sign is gone.

  • Bus System (RTA)Acknowledged
    6200 Softshade Way Columbia, MD 21045, USA - Columbia
    Bus stop sign has fallen off of lamppost.
  • Bus System (RTA)Acknowledged
    8926 Footed Rdg Columbia , Maryland - Columbia
    On June 7, I had to take 3 buses to go for a doctors appointment that it had taken six months to get.
    1. Bus 408 gold arrived on time at 9:52 am to Oakland mills.
    2. Bus 407 brown arrived late at 10:17 am to Owen brown.
    3. Bus 503 left at 10:17 am, but missed connections because the brown bus arrived lated to Owen brown.
    1. Missed my sixth month appointment.
    2. I waited another hour for the bus to arrive.
    3. Please get responsible and dependable drivers.
    We need better services.
  • 8003 Watermill Ct Elkridge, MD 21075, USA - Elkridge
    Broken Telecommunication box and abandoned BGE wire near BGE pole 569975 on Mayfield Ave This has been abandoned by their contractor for months!