Town-Wide Issues IYO

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  • S Power Rd & E Germann Rd Gilbert, Arizona, 85297 - Gilbert
    The traffic light turning left (south) from Germann onto Power Rd needs to be extended in the morning for BFHS and afternoon please, please please. It only allows aprox 3-4 cars to turn left from Power to Germann per light cycle and there are typically 15-20 cars in line from 7:30- 8:30 am and from 2:15 to 3:15 pm from school traffic. Thank you
  • E Guadalupe Rd & N Roadrunner Dr Gilbert, AZ, 85234, USA - Gilbert
    Request checking the calibration of the left turn signal coming out of Roadrunner Dr onto Guadalupe. Over the past 2-3 weeks, it does not seem to be sensing that a vehicle is waiting to turn left. Thank you!
  • 3301 S Greenfield Rd Gilbert AZ 85297, United States - Gilbert
    Traffic light arrow for left turn from Greenfield to Pecos (when traveling northbound on Greenfield) time is too short - it only lets through ~4 cars in each lane. This causes traffic buildup in the morning. Any chance the time can be increased at least for weekday mornings? s
  • S Ranch House Pkwy Gilbert AZ 85297, United States - Gilbert
    Timing seems to have changed on the light for cars turning out of power ranch. This is causing a significant back up in the mornings.
  • E Germann Rd & S Power Rd Gilbert, AZ, 85297, USA - Gilbert
    The left arrow turning onto Germann from Power is not very long in the morning. Only three cars can take a left until the arrow turns red.
  • 2855-2899 S Santan Village Pkwy Gilbert, AZ, 85295, USA - Gilbert
    The Traffic Signal Timing is way too short. Traffic is always backed up.
  • 4828 S Val Vista Dr Gilbert, AZ 85298, USA - Gilbert
    The traffic light timing for queen creek road (east and westbound) traffic is way to short on weekdays. This morning, I was only 4 cars back and barely made it through the intersection, heading west, before the signal changed from green to red. Please increase the time for queen creek road traffic to move through the intersection to at least 30-45 seconds and reduce Val Vista's time to match, thank you.
  • S Val Vista Dr & E Pecos Rd Gilbert, Arizona, 85295 - Gilbert
    Left turn signal to turn South onto Val Vista is too short. This is the turn signal that is on Pecos with drivers facing West. Drivers have to wait a couple of traffic cycles to be able to turn left onto Val Vista. This short turn signal has been an issue for years.
  • 701 E Mesquite St Gilbert, AZ 85296, USA - Gilbert
    The light for the left turn lanes on Gilbert Rd turning onto Warner only allow about 3 cars to get through. this intersection should be longer than that.
  • Gilbert AZ 85296, USA - Gilbert
    The eastbound warner to northbound Higley left turn signal should be extended from 3:15pm - 4:00pm traffic backs up daily through 2 lights, and it's not safe for traffic.
  • 2415–2485 S Val Vista Dr Gilbert AZ 85295, United States - Gilbert
    Green arrow on Val vista/ Williams field (heading north) green arrow light on is green for only 3 seconds.
  • E Williams Field Rd Gilbert, AZ, 85295, USA - Gilbert
    West bound lanes of Williams field at the 202. When in the turn lane for west bound 202. The light turns green on the east side of the 202 and the light on the west side turns red. This causes air pollution and wasted gas and time for everyone. If the light is green while west bound on the east side is red it should stay green long enough to at least let one car through or have it a trailing green but would still make cars stop and wait for 2min each at 06:30 am with no east bound traffic. At least make it a flashing yellow at that time.