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  • 12673 70a Ave Surrey, BC V3W 6G3, Canada - Surrey
    ...due to severe weather conditions this yr...thx
  • 11104 Scott Road Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    located on the curve outside lane
  • 13277 108a Avenue Surrey British Columbia - Surrey
    Noise complaint coming from 216- 13277 108 ave, Surrey.
    Im writing this complaint to report unreasonable noise coming from the unit 216 in my building. i have made 5 noise complains to Teamwork strata management since July 12, 2016. Complaint emails dated July 12, July 16, Aug 12, Aug 19 and Sept 17, 2016. Excessive noise, swearing, drunk cheering and slurring of words, playing loud music outside of reasonable hours stated in by- laws were the issue in all 5 instances. Also, the unit makes unreasonable amout of outside of cut off hours quite often. For example, today Sept 17 I could  hear them in my unit at 2 am. When I woke up at 8 am, they were playing loud music, yelling, speaking in drunk loud noise. At 1145am, extremely loud music was coming from their unit, screaming, swearing, drunk talking. The noise didnt stop until 1:45 pm. Im hoping something can be done to stop this. Its causing my family a lot of stress and missed days at work due to no sleep. I feel scared to leave my apartment as they appear very intimidating and intoxicated.
    To clarify this information: its 3pm on Sat Sept 17,im still hearing loud music, swearing, yelling, drunk voices from that unit. RCMP has been notified at 11:45am but they didnt address this issue.
  • 6354 142 Street Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    Grown men yelling and swearing in their garage with garage door open. We live in a town house community so the noise travels. It is after 10pm on a Sunday night, majority of the community need to be up early for work tomorrow. I can hear them from the back of my townhouse with all the windows closed. Unacceptable.
  • 3820 155 St Surrey Bc - Surrey
    Street light out for weeks now. Pls fix for safety. Its pitch black at night and a hang out for young people who smoke and cause trouble.
  • 16737 84 Ave Surrey, BC V4N 4W1, Canada - Surrey
    Half of the street lights are not coming on. On 84th Ave between 164th and 168th.
  • 18412 54 Ave Surrey V3S 8L4, Canada - Surrey
  • 6758–6764 132 St Surrey V3W, Canada - Surrey
    Left turn signal needed when your coming from 68ave and making a left turn towards 132st
  • 152 And 66a - Surrey
    Create a left turn only for northbound and southbound drivers on 152nd St.
  • 15505 36 Ave Nue Surrey, BC V3S 0Z5, Canada - Surrey
    There are 2 street lights burnt out from 15505 - 36 ave towards cul de sac.
  • 15175 72 Avenue Surrey, BC V3S 2G3, Canada - Surrey
    The light for the traffic turning into 152 only lets three vehicles go and then it's a really long wait for the green light again. When you are waiting on 72
  • 16636 Cherryhill Crescent Surrey, BC V4N 1W2, Canada - Surrey
    Base rusting out