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noise complaint


Bass has been coming into our home for over an hour now and it looks like Swamp City is gearing up for another day....night...and weekend of it.

Neighbors and a policewoman have said that you have to meet a certain decibel level at 200 feet away, I'm a lot more than 200 feet away and I can hear it through three walls. So can my kids.

As for those decibels the ordinance says something different.

Section 15.2 says the following is a noise (3) carefully.

" Noise disturbance means any sound which:


Disturbs a reasonable person of normal sensitivities;


Exceeds the sound level limits set forth in this chapter; or


Is plainly audible as defined in this section.

Person means any person, person's firm, association, copartnership, joint venture, corporation, or any entity public or private in nature.

Plainly audible means any sound or noise produced by any source, or reproduced by a radio, tape player, television, CD player, electronic audio equipment, musical instrument, sound amplifier or other mechanical or electronic soundmaking device, or nonamplified human voice that can be clearly heard by a person using his/her normal hearing faculties, at a distance of 200 feet or more from the real property line of the source of the sound or noise. "

There appear to be entries for this address dating back over two years. Is the owner an informant for GPD so he gets a pass to screw families and the neighborhood? It is hard to believe that as many people as have filled out this form that GPD has never issued a citation.

also asked...
Q. What day(s) of the week do you notice the noise issue?
A. Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Q. What time frame do you notice the noise issue? [Ex: 10-11PM or 12-1AM]
A. today just after 12:30p
Q. What is the source of the noise?
A. Party or Event, Other
Q. Have you also called the Police Non-Emergency phone line?
A. Yes

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