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Investigate Restoration


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House was purchased from the DLBA on the "Own It Now" program.

Additionally the water had been cut to the property and the new owner repaired the cut water line without permission or permits.

A furnace was installed without permits, in addition to a water heater.

All electrical repairs were completed without permits or inspections. It was intimated by the new owner that if he completed repairs BEFORE the required BSEED inspections necessary after purchasing a house from the DLBA, that he could hide the original condition the house was in, and avoid any permits he didn't feel like paying for.

The house is currently listed as a PRE though the owner does not live there, in addition to it being rented out without being listed with the city or BSEED as a rental property, thereby avoiding necessary inspections required of a in order to put protections in place for tenants from any malicious acts perpetrated by their slum lords.

also asked...
Q. What Type of Restoration?
A. Sidewalk
Q. Is it hazardous?
A. Yes

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