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Every year the West Haven Public Works ignores and neglects tasks such as maintenance of sidewalks that are on city property; this includes clearing snow in the winter and clearing weeds and leaves in summer and fall. A good example of this is on Morse Avenue, where weeds such as knotweed and mugwort overgrow the sidewalk to the point that it is impossible to walk on it. This is a PUBLIC SAFETY issue, because it forces pedestrians -- including moms pushing strollers, children, the elderly -- into the street (where we have ZERO speed enforcement). Getting these tasks done requires repeated phone calls, and then, once the weeds are cleared, they leave the detritus there, on the sidewalk, in the street, and, as seen in the picture, clogging storm drains along a stretch of Morse Ave that is frequently under water. Neighboring these neglected area, you'll find Park-Rec staff in the Morse Park ballfields weed-whacking around every chainlink fence. In Grove Park, crews weed-whacking, leaf-blowing, all on a daily basis. Ditto for the silly, wasteful, and entirely cosmetic daily beach grooming. But sidewalks? Nah. It's not just Morse Avenue; Blohm St is similarly ignored, as is the shamefully neglected stretch of 1st Ave that passes over the train tracks; here it's common to see people carrying groceries from ShopRite, forced to walk in the street because of West Haven's neglect of these basic responsibilities.


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