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The apartment building at 99 Florence St has a large industrial AC unit in back (abutting Garnet St) running all the time that is *loud*. From approximately 150 ft away, inside my apartment, this noise reads over 60 decibels per my phone. The relevant municipal code (https://malden.municipalcodeonline.com/#book/mread?type=ordinances&name=10.04.020_NOISE_ABATEMENT;_DISTURBING_THE_PEACE_PROHIBITED) says noise over 50 decibels at the property line between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. is excessive and prohibited. From much further away and inside a building the decibel level is too high for nighttime according to the ordinance. Last summer when I made a complaint your office’s reply was effectively “this is the same level of noise as it’s been before” and I’m complaining again to say… so what? The noise was prohibited then, last summer, and remains so now. Please make the apartment building use an AC unit that is not excessively loud and disturbing to other Malden residents in their homes.

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