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I apologize if there is already an open incident for this, I couldn't find one.
This issue has been ongoing for years. Heading towards Malden high, Citizens Bank is on your right. There is a Left Turn Only lane turning left onto Pleasant Street. Continue straight on Main Street through the intersection, there is then another Left Turn Only lane turning left onto Main Street. People treat this as one long Left Only lane. I've noticed at least 70% of drivers just go straight on the Left Only lane at Pleasant Street, to turn left onto Main Street. This makes it difficult for the drivers (like myself this morning) who abide by the law, and stay in the right lane until we reach the Left Only lane at Main Street. I then face the fantastic drivers who drive straight and don't let us, law-abiding drivers, into the lane.

Here's a couple of quick ideas: (1) Install a "Left Turn on Green Arrow Only" sign and signal at Pleasant Street. (2) Remove the Left Only lane marking at Pleasant Street. Doesn't seem to mean anything to drivers anyways.
I'd appreciate anything that can be done about this, and thank you for your time.
Rant over. :-)

P.S.- I apologize for the crude drawing-- I'm no artist. I hope it makes things clear.

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