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Fitchburg, MA


Tree Pruning & Brush Trimming


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Adding another request for this location as we don't seem to have any progress with previous ones. I reported the issue last year on 9/3/21 (#11012561) and then Councilor Squalia reported again this year on 7/31/22 (#12926918). Both are list as "Acknowledged" with no further updates or actions.

With overgrowth on the south side of Upland and multiple cars parked on the north side, there is less than the standard width of one lane to try to handle two-way traffic. With the excessive speeds of many going up and down the hill on Blossom, it is difficult and dangerous to make the turn onto or off of Upland.

It would also be helpful to have a "no parking here to corner" zone implemented on the north side to keep the cars further back from the intersection.

also asked...
Q. Is the tree on city/public property?
A. No
Q. Is the branch touching any power lines?
A. No
Q. Are any branches low enough to hit people or vehicles?
A. Yes
Q. Can you provide an estimate of the tree's height and diameter ?
A. No Answer Given
Q. Do you feel that the tree needs to be removed?
A. No Answer Given


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