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When approaching Fountain Street from the I-93N spoke of the Salem Street Circle, Fountain's street signs are very misleading. At this sharp right-hand turn, there is a one-way sign and a Do Not Enter sign, but no sign for Fountain. The signs make it look like Fountain is a one-way street. Unless you are "in the know," you won't know that this is an entrance to Fountain Street, and Fountain is two-way. When taking this turn, drivers behind us will often almost slam into us, as it isn't clear to them that this is a place we might actually turn (legally). Please, add a sign about the option to take this sharp turn. It will make it easier for friends and delivery people to navigate, and it will make it less likely that we'll get rear-ended when turning. Thank you!

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Q. Location or Landmark
A. No Answer Given
Q. What is the issue(s)?
A. Sign Missing
Q. If a sign is down or missing, please indicate sign type.
A. Either "right turn or straight" or blind intersection sign

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