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My original request for a response was on March 23 I have yet to receive any response. Acknowledging is not responding. Please respond to my concerns.
On February 6th of this year a large oak tree in front of my private residence at 154 Prospect Street Extension toppled over and landed partially on the city Street. This tree was on the city beltline and was quickly removed by public works. The oak tree snapped off just bellow ground level and it was obvious that the wood at the break was very wet and spongy through out the whole 30 inch diameter . As the tree fell, it swiped against a large white pine and stripped most of the lower branches from the pine tree.
In the immediate area of the fallen oak there are 2 remaining oaks. They both appear to be dyeing. They are leaning over, they have some dead branches, and signs of salt damage . The 2 pines are stripped of most of their branches . and one is leaning over.
I believe that these trees pose a potential danger to the public, my home and the property of my neighbor. I feel that these trees should be removed and I am requesting that the Westfield’s Land and Natural Resources inspect these trees and come up with a solution to my concerns.
I can be reached by Tel 413-454-2969 and I am readily available.
Respectfully, Bob Barsalou

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Q. Is the issue on private or public property?
A. Public
Q. Does the issue effect public safety?
A. Yes
Q. What type of tree issue is being reported?
A. Other

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