Missed Trash, Recycling or Yard Waste La Kaydiiyey

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City of Salem


Missed Trash, Recycling or Yard Waste


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City of Salem

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No trash pick up. Trash is now all over the place!!!

sidoo kale waydiiyey...
S. Was there a holiday this week? If yes, trash pickup will be one day later this week.
J. No
S. Is this address residential or commercial?
J. Residential
S. Is this for Trash, Recycling, Yard Waste or More than one?
J. Trash
S. Was your entire street missed or just your address alone?
J. Entire street
S. Please describe the specific list of items that were missed:
J. Trash.

3 Faallada

  • Engineering/Trash/Recycling (Isticmaale Diiwaangashan)

  • La qiray Recycling Coordinator (Isticmaale Diiwaangashan)

  • La xidhay Recycling Coordinator (Isticmaale Diiwaangashan)

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