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Avenida La Resolana Albuquerque, New Mexico Ka Muuji Khariidadda Qari Khariidadda
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Traffic Signs


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This issue has to do with the location of the stop signs at the intersections of Avenida La Resolana and Morningside NE, as well as Avenida La Resolana and Montclaire NE. I hope this makes sense, but the Stop signs are located so far back away from the intersection, that if you actually stopped where the sign is located, you cannot clearly see if the intersection is clear. You then have to proceed further into the intersection to see if they are clear. They need the signs moved, as well as a white stripe indicating where to stop.

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S. Issue Type
J. Faded Sign
S. What type of Sign?
J. Stop Sign
S. Include date and time of day
J. 4/16/2015
S. Closest intersection
J. Morningside NE
S. Direction of Travel
J. Traveling West / Southwest

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