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Please help my blight issue. I have lived here for ten years and I'm throwing in the towel now. I'm going to try and sell my house. The site of some homes is very disturbing to me and potential buyers. This particular location that I have been looking at out my front window, has been like this since the fall. There is garbage on both sides of the house. There is living room furniture turned sideways on both porches. I have been looking at some leaves and blankets covering something since the toxic paint cleared out from the basement was disposed of properly ( or is under the leaves ). Somehow the pink bag with who knows what's in it moved two days ago, which was very exciting Yet creepier.
I'd like for the building and zoning staff to check it out please. I personally feel the owner of the property should be sited for blight as they are the ones collecting rent to have me look at their tenants garbage. P&Z, I know you have a lot of work in this town. Thanks and Good luck.

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