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Public Nuisance Report #2
Well, finally, I called the police at 2:00 AM when I was fed up with the noise, the shouting and the loud music. My wife & I couldn't sleep. We saw a patrol car parked out front of the party house about 11:00 PM but the noise level only went down a bit and resumed after the car left. Nor -to the best of my knowledge- did the officers issue any citations for parking on a public lawn, to wit, the Edgewood Mall, not to mention the public consumption of alcohol.
My two AM call finally shut the noise plague down but why does no one in authority take steps to prevent these parties? Why let them get away with this outrageous, contemptuous behavior? Why let these selfish babies run roughshod over the rights of people who prefer quiet summer evenings? Summer after summer after summer, this neighborhood dreads the thought of another assault on our peace and private enjoyment. The City should protect our quality of life.
Do something, Ms. Mayor!!!


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