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The home located next to the dentist office of Dr. Mark Ryan is old, filthy and falling apart. It seems that nothing has been done to maintain the house or property. There is tons of trash in the backyard along with a fire pit that is located close to a neighbors wood fence with bookcases etc in it. My understanding is that the section 8 occupants are well known by the West Haven Police department as well as the West Haven Fire department. Daily there are several people who are constantly in and out of the house. On occasion when driving by I have noticed people walking along the side of the house and going through other doors besides the front door. There seems to be several people living in the house as well - not sure how many. Neighbors in the area have talked about the fact there is some sort of illegal drug activity going on during the day. These issues not only cause neighboring home values to drop but also it isn't safe for small children who are living in the area, playing/riding bikes, patients visiting the Dr. Mark Ryan's dentist office and for neighbors who would like to use their yards during the summer peacefully.

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