Acknowledged by: City of Albuquerque (ABQ311)

Abandoned Vehicle Acknowledged

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Abandoned Vehicle


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Academy Acres North

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when making a right hand turn, it is difficult to see around the truck. It is sitting on Forest Hills at the black pine intersection. Truck has been sitting there without moving for over a month. Truck used to sit in drive way. Pedestrians and other drivers have almost been hit because vies is obstructed.

also asked...
Q. License Plate #
A. BGN8425
Q. State
A. Texas
Q. Make
A. Chevy
Q. Model
A. Truck
Q. Color
A. Silver
Q. Year
A. unknown
Q. Condition
A. Good
Q. Summary of problem
A. blocks view turning right onto forest hills from black pine
Q. Number of days there?
A. 30+ days
Q. Private or Public?
A. public

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