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snow, road safety

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12-17-2016 - Between 1PM & 255PM after Winter Snow Event upon returning a little before 3PM, & leaving new car parked 8 FT from city street in a driveway from the road & snow thrown at least 20 FT onto residents propertys & one neighbor even noticed snow hitting his neighbors raingutters & was DUMBFOUNDED. I noticed at least 6 mailboxes damaged & 1 BURIED, a neighbors fence split in half & damaged & shrubs damaged, THE ENTIRE DRIVERS SIDE & HOOD OF A BRAND NEW CAR with 8,000 miles on it ALL BENT IN & SHIFTED from THE FORCE OF SNOW BEING PLOWED at time frame above by a City Of East Haven, CT plow driver in large dump truck with large plow, immediatley notified insurer, & EHPD, & was MOTIFIED when questioned by officer "that hows snow going to create damage?" I repled: "The force of snow hitting vechicle, & mailboxes, fence & shrubs at extremely high rate of speed."

East Haven Public Works Department Upper Management & The Mayors Office needs to look into WHO, created this damage, & hold them accountable, since city vechicle apparently was being used as a tool to cause substantial property damage, & inconvienance within its community.

Many neighbors witnessed the damage to property, & were dumbfounded.

I'm very disappointed with EHPW Department, as well as EH in general now & hoping posting online, will make other residents aware, & to notify city officials when this type of damage occurs, they too need to make government aware, of what type individuals EH has employed for its Taxpayers especially concerning Public Safety with proper snow removal.

This individual has RUINED my Holiday, & this behavior is UNEXCUSABLE. There is no way that he was not aware of the damage he was creating while operating in a cab of a dump truck up above plow blade.

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