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A. The Circle K at the corner of 120th and Gulf Blvd has a constant string of large delivery Trucks ( Pepsi, Coke, Beer) starting sometimes at 6:00 AM that pull into 120th, a residential neighborhood, park in front of the No Parking sign, blocking the entire right hand lane,motors running , backs-up beepers going, other smaller trucks pull behind blocking alleyway and driveways. I have lived across the street for over 20 years. When this store was permitted by the City residents on the street were assured they would not be allowed to park there. My husband and I spent years calling the city and the police would come and ticket or warn trucks parked there. Gradually it stopped. Now they are back as bad as ever. My husband passed away a few years ago. I walk over and tell drivers they cannot park there, point out the sign and the pretty much tell me to "Take a hike" they can park there. Please add a " No Unloading" sign next to the No Parking.

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