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Colonial Blvd, needs to be made one way on each side. There is not enough room on each side of the street for two way traffic. One side of the street is notoriously busier than the other, that is not fair we all pay the same taxes. I have attached an image of how the one way traffic flow should work on the street. If the police department is not competent enough to see that there is an issue here and make a necessary change, perhaps a signed petition by residents and a formal complaint to he CT. DOT would be in order. In addition,since the weather has gotten nicer there has been an increase in motorcycle traffic and speeders on the street as well. In addition, between 6:45 am and 7:15 during the week a school bus is always speeding southbound down the street. In regards to the blight, it would be much appreciated if the city could spend a little money to clean up the creek and the grounds in the middle of the street, and possibly plant some trees or grass.


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