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Noise Complaints


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Trash and recycling pick up are very loud between the noise of the trucks, the garbage cans and recycling bins being thrown around and the sanitation employees yelling out directions. If it was once per week, it might be managable, but it has become nightly on some blocks of the neighborhood with residences, apartments, and businesses having different pick up schedules. Even with white noise, sound muffling window and wall covering, and earplugs, this keeps people up throughout the night. This has become a serious quality of life and health issue. Making it difficult to live in the Center Square and surrounding neighborhoods means a decline to this area. Either trash and recycling pickup, to areas with residential property, needs to be disallowed between Midnight and 5 A.M. or businesses and property owners need to be required to coordinate their trash pick up with the residential schedule so it's limited to one night. Yes, city living has its challenging, but that statement is always used to defend the things that make living here more difficult. Sometimes it's appropriate to also say, "Yes, conducting business among residential property is challenging, but it's important to be conscientious good neighbors and sensitive to residents. There is a way to coexist and we mostly do it well.

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Q. What type of noise are you reporting?
A. Other
Q. Please briefly describe the situation and where the noise is coming from (ex: inside, outside, car, etc.)
A. Nightly Garbage Pickup Between Midnight and 5 A.M.


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