Dangerous Intersection Southbound at Carolan and Broadway Archived

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This was reported earlier as issue 1866097 and subsequently fixed, but it seems like the issue was reintroduced while work on the Broadway interchange continued.
Basically, when going southbound on Broadway and you come to the Carolan intersection right before the train tracks, There are two dedicated left turn lanes to head to Carolan. The problem is, the right turn lane has always been, historically, a lane that allowed drivers to drive straight forward across the tracks to enter the turn lane for California. This is supremely idiotic for multiple reasons.
For one thing, drivers are still driving straight to cross the tracks from the right side dedicated turn lane, because the signage is terrible and because they've done that for years and it just makes sense. This causes confusion to drivers on the lane to the immediate right of that lane who try to merge over to the turn lane onto California because suddenly they have to watch out for traffic coming into their lane unexpectedly from the left. Secondly, even if all the drivers were following the signage, you're asking people to change lanes right before train tracks in an intersection that has a history of car strikes because of how the lighted intersection is set up just past the tracks. You guys have set up an already dangerous intersection to now be confusing as well.
Based on what i saw of the Interchange plans, it seems like the dual turn lanes towards Carolan were always part of the plan, which is idiotic because hardly anyone needs to turn onto Carolan and the reasons i listed above. While the issue appeared to have been fixed in early 2016, someone didn't let the street painters in on the change because the dangerous intersection is back.

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