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During a construction, the easements are often left to overgrow and become an unsafe nuisance for pedestrians and bikers. I walk a lot and experience this regularly. The one that Im dealing with now is on the east side of 34th street between burlington and 3rd ave n.

Typically I walk on 3rd ave n heading toward 34th street. Several times I've been forced to walk in the street because the sidewalk is so over grown with weeds that it is literally unpassable. There is a fence blocking off the actual construction area and the sidewalk and easement are both outside this area. A few times they had equipment outside the fence blocking the sidewalk. Once they had a 4" diameter hose going under the fence and stopping at the sidewalk gushing water over the sidewalk, thru the easement, then into the street. It was like that for several days. No one could use the sidewalk there and if you did not notice it until you were there, then you got all wet walking thru the soaked over grown easement. Today there was a piece of construction tape blocking the sidewalk (again this was outside the construction fence) , for no reason that I could see, not at one end of the site, but right in the middle.

Businesses and also residentials are required to maintain their easements, I think the contractors should also. This is a safety issue. It also looks nasty.

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