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Plumbing problems / Sewage back-ups


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We are the first floor tenants of the building and have been experiencing bathroom and sewage backup almost on a daily basis. I have been continually by landlord and the plumbing company that it is due to flushing materials such as paper towels or feminine tampons however bathrooms are not even flushing with human bowel movements let alone feminine tampons. Frequent sewage overflows creates a non hygienic environment in a medical office as well as creates inconvenience to our clients patients. Landlord refuses to take any steps to rectify the drainage issue despite numerous requests by me. I would like the plumbing system inspected and tested for proper flow/drainage as i believe there is an inherent problem to the plumbing system either due to design or piping which the landlord refuses to correct.

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Q. Is this an apartment, rooming house, or hotel?
A. No
Q. Is sewage overflowing at the grinder pump, Mayo tank or house connection?
A. No


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