Housing/Health Issues PLUS

Housing/Health Issues

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  • 4611 Kramme Ave Brooklyn Park, MD - Brooklyn Park
    This property has many problems. I have reported about 10x. From mold, animals in and out, sewage smell, caved in roof, busted windows, overgrown yard. Now I believe people are in and out through the night! This is literally disgusting and I have had no help with Anne Arundel county dealing with this! Something needs to be done!
  • 3412 Barnsley Court Pasadena, Maryland - Green Haven
    My nephew was just inside this home and there are animal FECES all over the floors @AL HERB with Health Department! There rats coming and going! Did you actually expect to see rats by driving by during the day - IF you even went?!! AL HERB you did not enter this home to evaluate the conditions, I know this for a fact from the kids. There are now 3 broken windows in the front of the home, 3 dogs and numerous cats inside, children w/o any supervision living in horrific filth!! GET THESE KIDS A CLEAN HOME OR SEND THE CASE TO PROTECTIVE SERVICES.
  • 109 Crest Avenue Glen Burnie/Anne Arundel County, Maryland 21061 - Ferndale
    This house is vacant. The owner is a hoarder and uses it to store junk. No one has actually lived here in years. There are also several cars parked in the driveway they are using for storage as well. The house is not maintained, and you can smell stench when you walk by. Grass/shrubbery overgrown. Shed in backyard packed full and falling down. This house is a health hazard to the neighborhood. When the owners do show up, they wear face masks to enter the house. Please inspect.
  • 8318 Telegraph Road Odenton, Maryland - Odenton
    “The Place” at 8318 Telegraph Road is infested with coackroaches. 2 minutes inside this bar, saw roaches running across the floor, up the walls and across the bar itself.
  • 500 Matthews Ave Baltimore, MD 21225, USA - Brooklyn Park
    2 big dog little place. with bedbug, mice, who knows what else in there
  • 252 W Edgevale Rd Baltimore, MD 21225, USA - Brooklyn Park
    Do you help with roaches in a section of houses? They are bad
  • 1600 Crain Hwy. S. Glen Burnie, Maryland - South Gate
    We are the first floor tenants of the building and have been experiencing bathroom and sewage backup almost on a daily basis. I have been continually by landlord and the plumbing company that it is due to flushing materials such as paper towels or feminine tampons however bathrooms are not even flushing with human bowel movements let alone feminine tampons. Frequent sewage overflows creates a non hygienic environment in a medical office as well as creates inconvenience to our clients patients. Landlord refuses to take any steps to rectify the drainage issue despite numerous requests by me. I would like the plumbing system inspected and tested for proper flow/drainage as i believe there is an inherent problem to the plumbing system either due to design or piping which the landlord refuses to correct.
  • 298 Cape Saint John Road Annapolis, MD - Parole

    The ongoing delayed operations to complete the new sewage pumping station are running loud electric generators and disturbing the peace in the surrounding neighborhood. It seems that the system could be powered by silent BGE power that is readily available. Why not? The result has long since become intolerable and something needs to be done to reduce the noise pollution being emitted by this operation.

    I'm a member of the Cape St. John Civic Association and I request an answer to my question above and an explanation of how this will be addressed. I'm at 443-254-4712 all the time.

  • 524 Greenblades Court Arnold, Maryland - Arnold
    Roter Rooter came out and snakes the sewer pipe Friday 9/29 and found grass and outdoor debris. They returned Monday and preformed video diagnostic test of the problem and determined the pipe has separated 25-28 feet out and 14-16 ft deep. There is no out door clean out. This has been deemed an immediate need for replacement by Roter Rooter. Roter Rooter also believes this to be on County property. I cannot get through on your phone line. Please call! 410-991-8030
  • 2914 Chestnut Edgewater, Maryland - Londontowne
    trees trimmed as well
  • 5501 Sands Rd Lothian, Maryland - Anne Arundel County, MD
    We are having flooding issues as a result of some unauthorized construction. There is also significant mold and structural, electrical, and foundation issues. The home is uninhabitable with severe roof leaks as well.
  • SewageOpen
    4611 Kramme Avenue Baltimore, Maryland - Brooklyn Park
    vacant home smells like raw sewage. Possible sewage back up inside