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The apartments in The Foundry apartment complex can not get above 68 degrees. I have not been able to get my individual apartment warmer than 68 in the last couple months. We've been told it's an issue with "the apartments sharing the heat".

8:506. - Heating facilities.
Every dwelling shall have heating facilities which are properly installed and are maintained in a safe and good working condition. The facilities shall be capable of, upon the tenant's request or control, supplying heat to a temperature of at least 68°F, but not more than 85°F, for all habitable rooms, bathrooms, and toilet compartments, when the outdoor temperature is as low as -10°F. The temperature shall be measured in the center of the room 3 feet above floor level. The heating unit shall be separately enclosed in multiple dwellings. If the apartment or dwelling unit is cited by the department because it will not maintain the required temperature, without portable heaters, 3 times during a heating season, corrective action of a permanent nature shall be implemented (storm windows, additional heating capacity, insulation, etc.). When owners use temporary heating to maintain the required temperature, the owner shall pay a prorated amount of the bill that the tenant pays for the other energy source used for heating.

(Ord. No. 66-87, § 1, 12-21-87)

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