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Traffic Safety (non-emergency)


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We, the parents and staff at Hillcrest, fear another accident (or worse), as drivers on Broadway Terrace rush during the morning commute hours, just as our children are walking to school. Many children cross at Broadway Terrace and Hermosa, and there have been several near misses just this school year alone. The crosswalks there are faded to the point of barely being visible, and because this street is so heavily trafficked, we would love to see additional signage and flashing crosswalk lights. New striping was recently added on the lower side of Broadway Terrace, near the Claremont Country Club, but nothing has been done on the upper side, which is extremely faded and closer to the school. Additionally, striping on Hermosa itself would lend to improved pedestrian safety, as there are no sidewalks on the portion of the road behind the school, and the road is only wide enough for 1.5 cars to pass. Your consideration in this important safety matter is greatly appreciated.

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Q. Which calming/safety device are you requesting?
A. Pedestrian Crossing

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