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There are a couple of guys with a large commercial flatbed truck who are constantly conducting illegal vehicle sales at the intersection of Pixlee Place, Barnum Ave and Grant St. They usually pull up and set up shop on random days next to an empty unoccupied repair lot and corner bodega. They then conduct their car sales at various times during the week.

The method they seem to use is to cart in the vehicles, drop them next to the curb, then act as though they are conducting a road repair on a vehicle. Shortly thereafter, random individuals show up who appear to either purchase or inspect the vehicles on location. This section of Pixlee Place is very narrow and is located at a busy 4 way intersection. Their vehicles and personnel effectively reduce this already narrow street into a one-car roadway causing the frequent backups of cars attempting to turn on to Pixlee Place. There have been many close calls because of their conduct. Could you please have the cops randomly patrol this area during the daytime period during the week? Thank you.

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