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Traffic Safety (non-emergency)


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It's really time to address the total lack of safety markers and signage around the pedestrian crossing on Broadway Terrace at Florence Ave. Although the speed limit is optimistically 25mph (LOL) this is a fast section of Broadway Terrace with wide sight lines and significant numbers of drivers zoom through this section with little regard for pedestrians or cars entering from the three side avenues.

At night-time drivers approaching uphill on the Terrace cannot see the markings on the road at all, and I've personally been threatened by multiple vehicles even while using a flashlight to draw attention to myself. I believe this is because drivers have no idea I'm on a marked (poorly) crossing. During the daytime our au pair was hit by a car going downhill too fast on this crossing, luckily with no real injuries. She let the driver go in her shock. We have thus banned the use of this crossing for our children, however Hillcrest Elementary School uses it regularly for groups of students going to Lake Temescal and back. This is an important point.

Finally, use of Waze and others similar tools has increased peak hour traffic flows on Broadway Terrace significantly in the past 4 years, and while the private golf course on the same street has successfully lobbied for safety markings around all their pedestrian crossings, this crossing has absolutely none. It's only a matter of time until a death occurs here if nothing is done about it, folks.

My requests and/or ideas:
1. Highly reflective yellow signage to warn drivers approaching (in both directions) this intersection that a pedestrian crossing is coming up. See warning1.jpeg in the comments, from Broadway Terrace down by the rather expensive private Claremont golf club
2. Highly reflective yellow signage at the crossing to indicate the same thing, including the arrow pointing down at the crossing itself. Both directions. Another Broadway Terrace example in the comments.
3. PED XING markings on on the street surface on approach. In both directions.

Given the propensity of drivers to approach at speed in both directions on Broadway Terrace in this area, and the significant increase in drivers passing through this street at commute times, I believe these cost-effective and simple improvements have now become critical.

also asked...
Q. Which calming/safety device are you requesting?
A. Pedestrian Crossing


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